How To Use and Access iPhone Magnifier

If you’ve ever been at a restaurant and had trouble seeing the descriptions of the different items you can order, then the iPhone Magnifier is just the fix you need. You just need to switch on a few accessibility options and you’ll be able to activate it whenever you need.
iPhone magnifier

How to Turn on the iPhone Magnifier?

Before you can start using the Magnifier, set up a few accessibility options on your phone.
To do that,

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone
  • Then Tap on General
  • Proceed to Accessibility.
  • Then Tap Magnifier.

Tap on the toggle on switch for Magnifier to turn it on. An option will appear that will enable you to use it.

How to Access the iPhone Magnifier Once Enabled

There are two different ways to start using Magnifier once you’ve switched it on.


The first is through quick access. If your iPhone or iPad has a Home Button, press it three times and the Magnifier slider will appear. Use this to adjust the magnification levels. If you have a newer device without a Home Button, press the Side Button three times, then tap Magnifier.

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To turn the Magnifier off, simply press the same button you used to launch it.


You can also add the magnifier to the Control Center and access it from there.

  • Tap Settings
  • Control Center
  • Customize Controls.
  • Tap the Green Plus next to the Magnifier to add it to the Control Center.

Open Control Center, then tap the Magnifier icon to open it.

What Options Are Available in the iPhone Magnifier?

There are a few options you can use within the Magnifier.

Freeze, Zoom, and Save: Tap the icon in the bottom center of the screen to freeze the image. You can then use the slider to zoom in or out, or tap and hold on the screen, then tap either Save image or Share. Tap the same button again to unfreeze the image.
Filters: Tap the Filters icon in the bottom right corner to adjust the Magnifier’s screen. You can swipe across the filters until you find one you like, adjust the brightness or contrast with the sliders, or tap the icon in the bottom left corner to invert the colors