Top 9 Professional Jobs for Graduate in the USA 2022 Update – Apply for High Paying Jobs

You are probably working your way to getting a college degree or a fresh graduate, in this article, we bring to you the top 9 professional jobs for graduates in the USA.

We have seen a growing trend in the availability of jobs in the market, so it is essential for you to know what is out there and what jobs are paying more than others.

According to research, graduate jobs pay twice as much as jobs for a high school diploma. So you are in luck because we bring the very best of the bunch to you in this article. This would also help put you on the right track to pursuing a profitable career of your choice.

Considering how much graduates earn in the U.S, the average salary range that a graduate earns in a professional field is from $100,000 to $200,000 yearly. This however can go as high as $300,000 depending on your area of specialization, location, industry, and level of experience.

We have compiled the list of the top 9 professional jobs in the USA which can be seen below:


Doctors earn an average salary of around $180,000 depending on their area of specialization. Medicine is said to be one of the top-paying jobs in the USA right now and there is a growing need for physicians and doctors within the United States.

This estimation is said to project 14% by 2024. As a fresh graduate in the field of medicine, you can rest assured that you are well on your way to a profitable career if your cards are played right.

IT Specialist

The information technology world is booming right now in the USA. With the growing rate of software and IoT being incorporated into homes and companies, it is safe to say that IT specialists are in great demand.

You can be expected to be paid an annual average salary of about $150,000 depending on your level of experience it can range from $120,000 to $180,000 annually.

Investment Banker

Investment banking is one of the most coveted job roles in the U.S. economy, if you are familiar with the wall-street world, you would know that working as an investment banker can be a lucrative profession.

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Investment bankers help companies and governments raise capital by issuing stock or borrowing money. They provide assistance between mergers and acquisitions. With the growing stakes of the capital markets, the need for investment bankers is in high demand.

So if you are fresh out of college and looking for a profitable career, I’d suggest going into investment banking. Investment bankers can earn an annual average salary of about $112,000, but the salary range is from $110,000 to $130,000 depending on many factors.


Lawyers are considered to be among the high-paying professional jobs for graduates in the USA. The glassdoor job listings page shows about 9000 openings for this job. The road to becoming a lawyer may not be as easy as people may think but can be quite rewarding.

Lawyers are expected to take home an annual average salary of about $144,000 on the high side. The salary range can be from about $110,000 to $150,000 depending on your area of law specialization and level of experience.

Software Engineer/Developer

This is an undeniable smart career choice when it comes to the 21st-century era. Technology roles are among the top growing roles in the last decade which has attracted many graduates even those who did not study an IT-related course at the University.

Some of the top related brands in the USA include Google, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft which are among the top 10 companies in the USA employing graduates.

You can expect to earn an annual average salary of about $90,000 which is considered the low end of the salary range. Professional Software engineers earn as much as $150,000 to $250,000 annually depending on their level of experience and company.

Data Analyst

Computer and information analysis professionals solve complex issues in the world of computing. You can go into the field of data analysis if you studied courses like statistics, mathematics, and any related course.

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The job availability for data analysts is expected to increase by 11% by 2024 and this is an opportunity for you to get in on this. You should expect an annual average salary of about $115,000.

Network Systems Administrator

A network system administrator is tasked with keeping an organization’s computer network up and running and in the proper condition for all operational use.

The need for professional network system administrators is in high demand due to the multiple computers and systems being used in companies, organizations, and schools around the globe.

Working as a network system administrator, you should expect an average annual salary of about $70,000.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are responsible for numerous data activities including gathering data, organizing data and information, analyzing historical results, and making forecasts based on data gathered to provide meaningful results.

It’s safe to say in the world today, financial analysts are in high demand. As a fresh graduate, you can expect to be paid an annual average salary of $67,000 which is on the lower side of the salary range.

Project Managers

A project manager is a person who is responsible for activating and overseeing a project. He is accountable for the success or failure of a project.

Project managers are people who have the ability to plan and multi-task, they also have very good organizational skills. In the field, you can expect an average annual salary of $60,000 for an entry-level position. Salary can go as high as $90,000 depending on your level of experience and clientele.

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