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8 Best Home Security Systems you Need this 2020


8 Best Home Security Systems in 2020. In this time of the world were intruders, thieves, armed robbers, and burglars are rampant, securing your home is very important. Apart from the normal professional monitory systems we have in our homes and other alarm systems we are familiar with, there are newly manufactured systems that get the security job done too.

With the large number to choose, you should make sure you go for the best to secure your home. Below are some very useful ones in the list of 8 Best Home Security Systems.

SimpliSafe Home Security

Home Security Systems


This is one of the best home security system, it is very easy to use and install. It is very valuable, for it has given you access to many lovely features. Features such as, security cameras and many batteries that has sensors, all this at a very affordable price.

Vivint Smart Home Pick


Vivint put the word “smart home” at the center of the gadget name for a reason. It is a new product in the line of the security game, but it has gone deep with combining home security and also home automation.

Home Security Systems

It has voice control features, which enables you to implement commands without touching the device or using a remote. You can do amazing things like closing the garage door and also turning up the heat of the house without lifting your hand.



Abode is an amazing and intelligent home security system. It supports Z-Wave and Zigbee, it also works with Alexa, Nest, and IFTT.

Home Security Systems

The device gives lots of flexibility when it comes to monitoring your home and it allows you to pay for part or temporary monitoring. You do not need to sign a long term contract with this device.



ADT is one of the oldest security systems in the world. They have been securing over 8 million people worldwide for the past 140 years.


Home Security Systems

However, ADT is an expensive home security company, They have very high priced video monitoring and also have early termination fees. Moreover, ADT makes sure you are always online, never go offline. If you have issues with your monitory station service, it gets transferred immediately to another center.

Home Security Systems: Nest Secure


Google-owned Nest made this DIY installation, that works effectively but with a high price tag. If you are locking yourself into Google smart home ecosystem.

Home Security Systems

Nest Secure is a perfect gadget to keep you safe in your home.

Home Security Systems: Ring Alarm


Ring Alarm is a subsidiary of Amazon, it is very easy to install and use. However, the gadget is not so innovative, but do have an amazing feature like the fresh “Works With Ring” program that bring compatible smart locks and also folds into other 3rd party gadgets.

Ring Alarm

Those who owned the Amazon Alexa will like the 2-way voice feature it has. They can easily on and off the system with their voice commands and also trigger Amazon Alexa routines with the Ring’s sensor.

Comcast Xfinity Home


The gadget is a vibrant system, it is very effective with smart home gears, like Nest thermostat and Lutron Caseta light switches. The gadget is integrated with sensors and also cameras for securing your home.


Comcast Xfinity Home as a standalone service that makes it more effective, it also works with Comcast’s internet and TV service to give you the best value you can get.

Home Security Systems: AT&T Digital Life


Although this gadget is not very much affordable, with is straight forward policing and the price we recommend it.

AT&T Digital Life


It is easy to install and use, and with its help, you can learn a more professional approach using it.