5 Best Voice-to-Text Chrome Browser Extensions

Voice to Text (VTT), alternatively referred to as Speech to Text, is more than a convenient feature. It’s a lifesaver for folks with hand injuries or disabilities that damage the hands. Modern Voice to Text technology is precise and fluid.

It is capable of coping with accents, speech difficulties, and even ambient noise. They work with any type of microphone, including the inbuilt laptop microphone. Voice-typing is now more accessible than ever!

These five Chrome extensions let you text and explore the internet with your voice.


Lipsurf does not stop at dictation; it extends Chrome’s voice control capabilities. This plugin enables you to enter text into fields, click buttons, navigate between pages and tabs, and more. You require only your voice. When you install it for the first time, you’ll navigate to the Options page. From there, you can get simple and straightforward instructions.

Lipsurf’s ease of use is facilitated by a number of useful features. With the Tags command, you can quickly select any object on the page by assigning it a simple letter tag. You can then name the tag to indicate which button, image, link, text field, or other item is linked with it.

Lipsurf has a well-developed support system. The built-in Help command displays a contextual pop-up menu with information about the current feature you’re using. This extension includes all of the features found in a full VTT application. This includes text formatting and configurable keyboard shortcuts.

Lipsurf works around unique voice quirks via Custom Shortcuts. They enable you to resolve issues such as the extension misinterpreting the word you say. Additionally, you can accelerate long-form typing by utilizing Shortcuts. When you say “website plug,” for example, you can instruct it to include a prepared paragraph promoting your website.

Lipsurf also has a number of useful background functions. For instance, it can shut down immediately if Chrome is not in focus. That is, if you talk without selecting Chrome, Lipsurf will ignore you.

Download: Lipsurf – Web Voice Control for Google Chrome (Free)

  1. Speech Recognition Anywhere

This is the same software that underpins Google Docs’ Voice Typing. It’s light and uncomplicated, focused exclusively on text. If you still want to click and scroll using the mouse, this may be the solution for you.

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By clicking the extension icon, a new tab will open for it. That tab must remain open for Speech Recognition Anywhere to function properly. Once installed, the extension will recognize text boxes, including search bars, automatically. Additionally, you can use the Click On command to click on objects, but this method is less reliable.

As is the case with many VTT Extensions, this one supports a range of languages and accents. Unlike many others, it also offers a simple Text-to-Speech feature. This enables it to function as a streamlined screen reader.

Download: Speech Recognition Anywhere (Free)

  1. Dictationbox

A floating Dictationbox on the extension’s homepage, displaying an example of the extension’s message templates.

DictationBox is a text editor that prioritizes long-form text above fillable forms or online navigation. It activates a floating box that records your dictation. Additionally, it includes a one-click Copy button that automatically selects all your content and copies it to the clipboard for simple pasting.

Additionally, it enables you to pre-format text, store it, and assign it to a command word. This is extremely similar to the Custom Shortcuts feature in Lipsurf. With a little bit of programming, you can further automate it.

For instance, if you include the bracket [*] in the template, DictationBox will select it. Then you can use voice typing to replace it. This makes it particularly well-suited for writing lengthy text or fillable forms.

This extension, however, is not a voice control extension. It cannot execute commands such as “undo” or “select [text]” or click “submit” on your behalf. As a result, this plugin is advised only if you retain the ability to utilize the mouse and backspace key.

Download: DictationBox for Google Chrome (Free)

  1. SpeechAgent

The SpeechAgent recognizes the currently active text field and allows you to dictate directly into it. Additionally, your dictation appears in the SpeechAgent pop-up window. Finally, there is a one-click copy button for instances where the text field cannot be located.

This program is compatible with a wide variety of social media platforms. However, it is not compatible with Facebook or word processing tools such as Google Docs. As a result, it is more appropriate for short-form communication. As with DictationBox, this plugin is centered on eliminating the need to type.

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The mouse will still be required to activate SpeechAgent and navigate web pages. However, if you are able to use a mouse, SpeechAgent will take care of keyboard issues. However, it does not support speech commands such as “undo” or “delete text,” so you may occasionally need to press the backspace key.

Download: SpeechAgent for Google Chrome (Free)

  1. Voice In

Voice In is another dictation tool from the creators of DictaNote, a note-taking application designed specifically for dictation. Its commands are more refined and robust than those of some of the more lightweight choices.

It begins with a brief four-step lesson. When you dictate, your words display in a translucent popup window before they are entered into the text area. Because the writing in this pop-up is larger, this software may also be beneficial to persons with vision impairments.

Additionally, it supports custom shortcuts using Dictation Box. However, this is a premium feature. Premium users can now utilize keyboard keys to swap between languages and use Voice In on other websites.

However, the free version works flawlessly. It is compatible with Facebook, Reddit, and other major websites, as well as email applications such as Gmail and Outlook. Additionally, its gray microphone symbol blends seamlessly with the Chrome window.

Download: Voice In for Google Chrome (Free, subscription available)


With a Voice to Text extension, you may access all of your favorite websites even if you are unable to use one or more of your hands. With so many options and the advancements in VTT technology, you’re certain to find an extension that works for you.

Naturally, voice control is another excellent option for your mobile device.