5 Best Free VPN and Paid VPN for Netflix 2018 and 2019


Netflix users outside, in recent times, are having issues with paid VPN and the free VPN browser are even worst. Because of the exhaustive effort by Netflix to block VPN in blocking VPN.

5 Best Free VPN and Paid VPN for Netflix 2018 and 2019

In spite of these efforts by Netflix, there are still some VPN that still works. However, it is recommended you pay for the service you seek.

5 Best Free and Paid VPN for Netflix 2018 and 2019

We have listed below, tested VPN that will favor your day to day activities. Go through the list below.

HomebrewVPN – Free VPN That Works With Netflix

Relatively unknown VPN but it works quite well. Means Homebrew can get you access to the US Netflix and also to Shopify from anywhere in the world.

Although, the free Homebrew VPN works OK it is limited to a speed of 512kbps. 512kbps can effectively stream Netflix 224p to 480p.

Unlike other VPN, homebrew doesn’t have a dedicated application which means it is manually set up.

Ultrasurf- Free VPN That Works With Netflix

It is a popular tool for gaining access to blocked website. it is a proxy without encryption. It is simple to install, just download the google chrome extension and turn it on thus it is a free VPN on chrome.

There is no software installation and doesn’t require any login. After installing search for “the office US” if you are not in the US. By doing this you have successfully bypassed country restrictions on Netflix.

Nord VPN-Free

It is one of the few reliable VPN that still works on Netflix. Although, It is a paid VPN that has three days free trial period. Prospective user is also required to provide valid payment details before accessing the service.

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After the end of the 3 days trial, the service attracts $12 per month or a discount of $5 per month if you are making an annual payment.

The free version is limited to 2 Mb/s and 0.8 Mb/s up, while a regular connection is at  8Mb/s up and 8 Mb/s down.

Smart DNS Proxy – Free Trial

Not exactly free, Smart DNS has a 14 days trial period with no credit card required. So you can watch Netflix movies for two good weeks before the charge of $5 per month kicks in.

Smart DNS works in an unusual way as it does not hide, change or encrypt IP address as such it operates at a lot faster. Smart DNS can be set up on the router thereby allowing it to work on multiple systems connected to the router. There is no need to manually set up on each device.

Although one of the best in the business, there is a little trick to getting Smart DNS working. Because you have to change to DNS server on your computer, smartphone or router to the Smart DNS servers.

Avast Secure line VPN

It is a relatively popular VPN. Created by a renown software company, Avast SecureLine VPN is one of the best VPN out there. It is simple to use and it can start running as soon as possible within minutes of installation.

If you travel frequently and don’t have time to mess around with settings, Avast SecureLine VPN can be an excellent option. It won’t slow down your connection to ridiculous speeds, and you’ll like the no-hassle approach to VPN services it provides.

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As one of the few free VPN for mac and windows offer only protection for across all devices. You can download it for your PC or Mac computer or any Android or iOS device.

Conclusion Best Free VPN and Paid VPN

So, these were some free VPNs to bypass Netflix geo restrictions. If you want a VPN for Android or free VPN on iPhone to go with Homebrew, for free VPN on pc get Ultrasurf because it works reliably and then gets the Nord VPN trial version if you want to go offline.


Though, it goes without saying that none of these free methods are reliable. The best solution in long run is to get a paid VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN which apparently is working fine for Netflix but also quite expensive at the same time (around $15 per month). Smart DNS proxy is also another good option.

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