15 Top Offline Shooting Games to Download this 2020

Let’s talk about the top offline Shooting Games to download this 2020 For Android Device. Many games that have launched this current age need an internet connection to enjoy the game in full. However, there are some games you can play offline your android device that does not need internet access before or during playing the game.

What are Shooter / Shooting Games

Shooter/Shooting games are games under the Action genre and its like a subgenre in the action genre. The majority of these games are built to check the players, Reflexes, Speed, and Awareness.

It gives you the feeling of you being on a battlefield fighting a war. Most shooter games have different mode, you can get the single-mode or the Multiplayer mode (in which two or more people can join and play the game using different connections).


15 Top Offline Shooting Games To Download

This genre of games will give you full action and makes you feel like a real gamer. We will provide in out list 15 Top offline shooting games to download in this post for android users.

Special Forces Group 2

This a great game for classic game shooters. You need to kill your enemies without any regret of pity. With wonderful graphics, you get a classic and realistic game.

Special Forces Group 2

Fans will not regret playing this game as it meets its basic requirements. And the player tends to be addicted to the game.

Gun War

This is another one of the great offline shooting games. In this game, your character is a soldier who will be set on missions to fight different terrorist camps around the earth so you can protect them from your nation.

Shooting Games

The game has an impressive file size, and it is very addictive.

Yalghaar Shooting Games

Getting the Yalghaar game is starting a great mission, and you be ready to start good operation. However, the fate of humanity depends on your operations.

Shooting Games

You need to successfully release hostages held captive by some group of terrorists. They are trying to blow up the world and it’s your job to stop it.

N.O.V.A Legacy

This game is based on a futuristic storyline, its a first-person shooter game created by Gameloft. The main hero, Kal Wardin, realizes later after leaving his previous popular team, that he needs to forget the past and focus on protecting the office of the Colony from its enemies with his new suit.

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Shooting Games

Kal Wardin’s job is not just to defeat alien invaders but also to understand their reasons for attacking.

Blazing Sniper.

In the genre of action, this is one of the best realistic and cool shooting games you can find to play offline. With the great graphics, you will start a global shootout with different enemies.

The game player will have the feeling of being a real sniper by shooting out his enemies.

Dead Trigger.

This incredible action game will lead you to a world of zombies. With the game high-quality performance, its great HD graphics, and good sound effects you need to take out zombies to stay alive.

shooting Games

The game will keep you for hours as you keep enjoying the sound and realistic effect.

Killer Bean Unleashed

Though the game is in 2D. You will be thrilled while playing it. The game was made by Killer Bean Studios, and you get to play dangerous missions to kill your previous boss.


Killer Bean UnleashedThe game has three game modes,(Story Mode, Mega Level Mode, and Survival Mode) having over 19 levels. The fun part is you get to unlock different Ammos to help you fight in your missions and get several bonuses.

Swamp Attack

In this game, all you need to do is to defend your home or territory. Just like the name of the game “Swamp Attack”. You need to defend your swamp as it is being attacked by an annoying group of crazy animals or rather call them zombies.

Shooting Games

It is your job to protect the SWAMP.

Shadowgun Legends

This an android free first-person shooting game. The game was released for Android on the 22nd of March, 2018 and developed by Madfinger Games.

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends has an offline and online mode, it has good graphics and great sound and runs perfectly well.


This is a thrilling game that takes place in the future of 2040 in the third world war. It is quite unique and its about the minister of Defense who signed an illegal contract with a secret organization called OS.


He did this to carry out illegal experiments and he turned the prisoners to big killers. But things did not get along with his plan, as he was betrayed by one of his scientists and there was a virus outbreak that turns people to zombies.

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Dead Effect 2 Shooting Game

This one of the games you will play for hours due to its great performance and magnificent graphics and sound effects. You find your self on a spaceship with your hero, and most times you will be in an artificial dream.

Shooting Games

The game is really rich in quality and content with an interesting plot.

Last Hope Sniper -Zombie War

Great Android shooter game. In this game, the player will move the streets of the city with companies of survivors of a zombie outbreak to kill zombies. Last Hope Sniper will test your shooting skill, accuracy, dexterity, and your reflexes.

Shooting Games

There are different unique locations, and it consists of many challenges where you can see the zombies.


This is a popular game and the majority of games that love shooting games would have seen or played this. Sniper 3D was rated the best free shooting game base on users’ ratings.

Shooting Games

You are an assassin that needs to eliminate your target.

Gangstar Vegas

This is also one of the best shooting games and real action games on Android, and it took place in Vegas. The main character being a criminal is to achieve a high position among others in the illegal world.

Shooting Games

The game has a thrilling plot and amazing graphics interface. You will select a character of which have different skill and abilities. More than 80 tasks and many competition to overtake.

Bullet Force

This is a new first-person shooting game for Android and it has different weapons with amazing graphics. The game is pretty simple but also very dynamic.

Shooting Games


You will find yourself lost in the battle atmosphere without noticing the time you have spent on the game.