15 Best Amazing Total War Games 2020

Are you a Gamer or game lover? If yes this article is for you. Lately, in our society games are getting more popular and developing new ones to game users. Lovers of game may find it difficult to know the best total war games. But not to worry we got you covered. For gamers, below are the list of Best total war games to play in 2020.

15 Best Total War Games

Below are the best 15 total war games 2020.

1. Empire


In Empire, there is much that would have been bad, like the getting pass the scuffle units, the weak rifle shoot positioning, the clash of the maritime.

Total War Games

However, it works amazingly with a well-organized framework, though strange for a game that is about pounding struggles and also charging rangers. The fight has a Total War game effect, with a thrilling sound.

2. Rome 2


The Emperor Edition of Rome 2 has really helped as it was considered for a long time to be the worst Total War game in its time.


Though the first Rome was loved by so many gamers, and it has gives or provide the promises of warfare of the time.

3. Shogun 2


Though some people won’t consider Shogun 2 to be the best Total War game but looking at it, I feel it is one of the best for it is perfectly complete.

Shogun 2

It has fantastic graphics, though it has been up to 10 years it was released. it still very interesting.

4. Warhammer.


This game was the first attack in a fantasy world. It has surprised so many gamers with its series.



Warhammer is an amazing game and thumbs up for the creators for what Warhammer 2 would look and be improved. But its series is still much better.

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5. Warhammer 2


Sometimes, Warhammer seems to be so annoying when first released. It felt like a stupid game.

Total War Game

However, Warhammer 2 made a great change and fixed much of Warhammer. If you really want a starting point in interesting Total War series games, Warhammer is your pick.

6. Three Kingdoms.


Since the launch of this game has loved to put this among my list of best total war games, for its incredibly amazing.

Three Kingdoms.

12 legendary warlords can be selected in this game as they conquer the known world.

7. Medieval 2


Medieval 2 has something unique that distinguishes itself from others. As a warlord and you love to manage your kingdom, you would really love to play the Medieval 2. its economical and diplomatic-mind games.

Medieval 2

8. Napoleon.


Napoleon is a very addictive game, as I play it over and over again. it is a refined game of Empire, as it modifies it, taking out and improving the best of it.


it is a creative game as you figure out and appropriately apply a story to the emanant game.

9. Attila


Attila made a serious change in the Total war games series, and so its uniqueness is worth noting.You can burn down cities, destroy regions and have an endless rampaging tribe across Anatolia in Attila.


The game really has a good picture of what surviving after the collapse of the Roman world would be like.

10. Thrones of Britannia


Thrones of Britannia is an independent game that makes you focus more of a new geographical area.

Total War of games

It is more like Attila, so if you are a lover of Attila I recommend you go for Thrones of Britannia.

11. Battlefield 1


Battlefield 1 is really different amongst other Battle war games. This game really stands out as I bet you will be happy with this war game.

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Battlefield 1

For individual shooters, the game has an aspiring innovation choice you can get without a doubt. It gathers something that you can go for and be glad with.

12. Gear of War 2


Gears of War 2, with amazing graphics and sounds give impart concerning the beginning of the war.

Total War Games

You get to battle closely with several COG fighters, fight creatures and spare urban areas from it is exceptional.



DEFCON gives an extraordinary experience in your life.its really superb. It was released about 10 years back, and with it now, it still gives the present atmosphere of universal relations.


DEFCONIts message and themes are surprising and also feel important than at any time in current memory.

14. This war is mine


War of Mine game has given victims of war the insight of the way it was with the same level of graceful consideration.

Total War Games

With the lens of its low spirits from loss of hope or courage art style and survival techniques.

15. Valiant Hearts: The Great War.


The Valiant Hearts game gives a profoundly close home point view, that is centered on a small stared people who were cut to speed in the tempest of the Great war. Its ending is more of a story linked with humankind.

Valiant Hearts