10 Best Free Animation Software for Windows and Mac 2020

Are you a 3D lover, or wish to create 2D and 3D animation, cartoons and characters and have not gotten a good animation software?

Animation Software

10 Best Free Animation Software for Windows and Mac 2020

Don’t worry, list of best animation software for both Windows and Mac users have been listed below. The software listed has different functionality and uses.


Bryce is a big deal in the world of 3D animation. The Bryce new OpenGL-based display mode is something great because it aids and offers an onscreen low-resolution texture map.

If you seek to utilize the company’s new network that the offer, installing lightning 2 is available for free. Bryce is seen to be a relevant force in generating tools of the landscape.

Using Bryce to add natural features like mountain, rock, water, trees, the terrain is very possible having a beautiful experience. The price of the app is very great for its uses and users.

Cinema 4D Animation Software

Cinema 4D is one of the best and advanced 3D animation studio. The software gives you an easy way to animate, having advanced 3D automation technology.

You can easily create and design new characters, movable and awesome videos too, and also create a movie with the software. You are given the chance to download lots of free characters from their awesome gallery.

However, there is a preloaded template, where you can use and work to your taste by using their preloaded characters.

This is one of the best for both beginners and professionals, with an amazing user interface it help the user understand what he is doing.

Adobe Animate

The software is up to the standard of Adobe. It is packed with lovely animation tools, that will get you deliberating the best to use for hours. Everything about the software is awesome, starting with the file type.

it plugins and modifying tools, it is worth checking out. The interface of the software is full of lovely features that you will still figure new things years to come.

Adobe Animate can be used in creating animated files like flash games, movie animations, animated GIFs, and even cartoons. Beginners would be needed to spend hours in tutorials videos or PDF understanding the software, and even attend classes.

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Aurora 3D animation maker.

If its the first time your trying animation, I will recommend this software for you. It is user friendly, easy to use with simple functionality that makes things easier.

If you are just beginning to do animations, then this software is for you, download for free and enjoy it in your Windows PC. You can easily create awesome 3D titles for your movies or stories.

Aurora 3D animation maker has a large collection of characters and environment you can download for free on their library.

DAZ Studio Animation Software

This is one of the numerous 3D software that focuses on detailed models and controls. These models are there to make sure the software works perfectly well, and you can get them on the DAZ online store. The most remarkable model of the DAZ Studio is named Genesis.

The application brings together difficult existing models and interfaces that are accessible, so to create a simple fun 3D result you crave for. If creating a 3D animation from the beginning is something you find difficult to do, DAZ Studio has templates you can manipulate and work with.


This is a free and awesome animation program for Windows users. The program has more than 100,000 free rendered objects, cars, environment, characters, objects and so many more.

Accessing its huge library is easy, so you can use their files for other animation software. You will get the best high-end features with this software with amazing functionality.

There are templates you can work with, and also lots of examples to put you through the software especially for beginners.

Blender Animation Software

With the amazing interface and wonderful design, Blender is considered to be one of the best with its professional tool. With its amazing features and great technical support and graphics quality.

it is surprising to be lightweight. The software is mostly used for building games and its pretty much good at that.

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Blender is very much flexible and also very customization. With the help, the python script the software has you can transform complex data models with other things. Its easier to handle knowing the key shortcuts of the software.

Seamless 3D

This is one of the best workable 3D animation software, it enables open-source modeling and it was to download. The software is best for building animated videos, specialized images, and other forms of 3D character.

However, seamless, allows uploading of video files into the software, files having AVI, MP4, and more format because it supports FFmpeg video format.

It also has amazing features, like having infinite undo and redo so that you can have your work perfected.

Tupi Animation Software

Tupi is a great software for YouTube, it is free and allows you to build 2D animations to your satisfaction. The app was built so that animators could create something other people can use.

The software is an open-source tool, meaning you can make son changes to the software to best fit what you want. The software is available for both Mac and Windows users.

It also has other great features like providing solutions for schools that have related features l like academic license, ads-free, and technical support. Schools use the software to groom their kids in making animations.

Terragen Animation Software

This is free software that you can easily get for your Windows PC and tablets. Terragen will make your idea of 3D animation be as you want it. Using Terragen is the best to achieve a photo-realistic CG environment.

You can use Terragen to make beautiful scenery, and also expand your imagination skills.