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Zedge is a mobile site platform  where users can download content to customize their smartphones and other mobile devices. This includes wallpaper, ringtones, app icon, app icon customization and which is only available for Android phones, and games on the Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. Zedge boasts of  more than 170 million installs Android and iOS.

The app was also named as one of the top best 50 Android apps in the world for the year 2013 where users can get high quality digital content. One of the features that makes Zedge so unique from other similar mobile sites is that it uses a recommendation engine that analyzes anonymized user data in order to create smart suggestions for wallpaper, ringtone, and game downloads.

Features of Zedge

  • Great interface: The featured design  allow Zedge to spread out its content and make it easier to search and sort. Aside from the easier navigation, the new design also puts an emphasis on all of its content rather than just some of it. It’s easier to see the gaming and live wallpapers sections.
  • Another feature that makes Zedge so unique is it’s ability to automatically analyze anonymized user data in order to create smart suggestions for wallpaper, ringtone, and game downloads etc that match user’s device.
  • Explore latest games especially recommended for you.
  • Listening to ring tones & notification tones before download
  • Enjoy enhanced wallpaper preview and so much more.

Download free ringtones on  Zedge

Zedge has one of the most reliable portals when it comes to free download of ringtones. It has a huge database of ringtones ranging from your favorite music, cool voice acted lines from movies and really anything you can think of.. Zedge has over 550,000 different ringtones to choose from. Therefore, you have a variety of different ringtones to choose from. I recommend this app to anyone who is interested in finding some cool free ringtones.

How to download free ringtones on zedge

Follow the steps below accordingly on how to download free ringtones on the Zedge app

  • Step 1: Go to www.Zedge.net to register,or you can just download the app from the Google play store, apple App world etc.
  • Step 2: After you’ve installed the app, Launch the app and it will bring an easy to use interface showing many categories such as wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones, notification and games. You will see another section showing categories such as my downloads, my favorites, settings, help and more information.
  • Step 3: Click on the ”ringtone” icon to to access a huge category of ringtones which you can download for free. You can browse tons of featured ringtones including featured, popular or recent.
  • Step 4: Then Select your favorite ringtone. In which you’ll be given two options where you’ll be asked to either play it or download it. Choose the option of downloading and immediately your ringtone will begin to download.

Now, you’re open to options with lots of ringtones to choose from.

Zedge wallpapers

Zedge has lots of wallpaper collections to choose from, Most of the wallpaper on the app are in high definition. Another unique thing about the app is that they give users platforms to upload their own wallpaper too which brings out their creativity . In my own opinion, this is the best site to download all superhero, sports, and major move characters in the world.

How to Download Zedge wallpaper

The step is almost similar to that of ringtones,the only difference between them is that in this part you click on the ”wallpaper” icon instead of ringtones.

Download Zedge on your device

One of the reasons about Zedge standing out among it’s likes is the fact that it is compatible to a variety of devices ranging from Android,iOS, and windows devices. So, i will give you their various download platforms below.

Android users can access the download page on the Google playstore here

For you guys using iOS(iphone and ipads),you can download it here on iTunes

Windows users can also access the download page on the App store here

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