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 www.notjustok.com is Nigerian music download website where people can download latest Nigerian music and music videos. Described as “a revolution in Nigerian music”, NotJustOk delivers music and music videos from the hip hop and contemporary music genres. It also allows artists to upload their songs to the public through an online platform called “mynotjustok”.  On notjustok.com,files are being updated on a daily basis which gives the portal an edge over other similar music websites.

notjustok.com naija music

notjustok.com gives you varieties of Nigerian music by category. NotJustOk also has an artist icon where you will see a list of artists, search for your preferred artist, and download his/her songs straight away.

notjustok.com mp3 songs

There are series of full songs available for mp3 format. With a high audio quality of all the Mp3 songs that are on this site. The Mp3 songs on this site have various categories ranging from ;

  • POP
  • RAP
  • JAZZ
  • ETC

How to download mp3 songs on www.notjustok.com

To download Mp3 songs from this portal you don’t need to sign in or sign up. This is an open site where login information is not needed. You can access any page using a mobile device or PC. All you need on your device is a good and reliable web browser. With a web browser on your device, let’s get started…

  1. Run your web browser and enter the url, in the url feed as www.notjustok.com
  2. This page is the home page of notjustok.com where you see the entire above listed category
  3. Click on Menu to get a full list of subcategory under which you click on the music icon.
  4. Now here is where you see a list of songs and their names all in Mp3 format.

You can download all Wizkid’s songs here. To know more about this website click here.

How to download music videos on www.notjustok.com

This is a similar step to downloading mp3 songs,the only difference is that you will click on the the ”video” icon instead of music.

How to use the ”MyNotjustok” platform


MyNotjustok is a personalized platform where all artists and audio track creators can upload their own content to a useful and meaningful platform that will foster the sharing, listening and monetizing of music online. Also it is a  social platform that allows music artists and audio creators can signup, upload and share their content with their fans. So upcoming artists that are keen on hitting in Big in the music industry,well i don’t need to tell you that this is an avenue infact it is the best platform for you to promote your music. So quickly click here to access the ”MyNotjustok” portal.

Lastly,For you music lovers you can download songs easily from this App. You can also checkout our homepage for other reviews.

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