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www.Netflix.com is an American multinational entertainment company that specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand both online and physically to it’s subscribers. It gives a one month free website to new users and after that you’ll be required to subscribe as a basic member which costs $7.99 monthly,standard member pays $9.99 or  a premium member will be required to pay $11.99  in which after that you’ll have access to all the movies and shows that are available.


Netflix is the number one in online video streaming platform,tv series and movies. It has over 35 million active subscribers currently,with viewers majorly from south America,Australia,New zealand, Japan,United kingdom and Europe. Netflix largely focuses on its streaming service, which gives compatible devices access to Netflix’s online library, allowing an average individual to access it virtual. In my own opinion,i will say www.Netflix.com is the best online video streaming platform.


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How to create free account on www.Netflix.com

Creating an account with Netflix is the same as just creating an account in any online platform. But i just have to tell you so that it will be easier for you guys whilst registering with Netflix.

1. Go to your browser, input in www.Netflix.com as the url.
2. Then it will take you to the homepage where you will be required to sign in or join for a free month.
3. push the ”join free for a month” icon,then click on ”continue”
4. Then you will be asked to sign up to start your free month trial.
5. Then input in your details and push the ”register” button

After which you will receive an email in your inbox asking you to confirm your account on Netflix,then click on the link provided.

Benefits you gets from being a registered user on www.Netflix.com

  • The first benefit you get upon signing up is your free 1 month trial
  • You can access your Netflix account through any device like HD TV,smartphones,ps3,xbox etc.
  • You can watch your favorite movies on your laptop, TV, phone and tablet

Netflix login

You can sign in into your Netflix account through Facebook,or through the normal sign in process in which you’ll be required to input your Email and password

Netflix mobile app

Netflix mobile app is a way of making you get closer to Netflix, with the app installed in your device,you get a whole lot of Netflix’s video library,Netflix movies,Netflix TV shows and a whole lot more.
To download the app for Android,click here to download it here on the Google playstore.
While for ios users,you can download the Netflix app here on iTunes.

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