www.icloud.com – icloud login | icloud sign in Overview and tips

www.iCloud.com is an online medium for storing data from Apple devices. It is a cloud computing service developed by Apple Inc.

icloud - www.icloud.com - icloud login | icloud sign in Overview and tips

Apple iCloud has over 782 million users worldwide. The iCloud was officially launched on the 12th of October, 2011.

iCloud has so many features and in this article, you will find out all you can do with iCloud storage. The service can be used for so many things like Managing your Apple device if stolen, save/store photos, documents and many more.

The icloud service offers a medium where by users can easily store and back up their iOS device to the Apple iCloud storage. However, the back up can be done automatically or Manually on iTunes or your mobile devices.

Features of iCloud www.icloud.com

The icloud system enables all Apple Users to save a mixed variation of photos, backups, music, applications, bookmarks, documents, notes, reminders, contacts, and iBooks. It also provide a podium for Apple calendar and email server.

Some of the bacsic features of icloud are:

  • iCloud Drive
  • Storage
  • iCloud Keychain
  • Find my iPhone
  • Email
  • Back to my Mac
  • Photo Stream and many more

Function iCloud Drive

The iCloud Drive enables all user to back up and store any kind of data on the www.icloud.com. It enables OS X Yosemite (version 10.10), iOS 8, or Windows 7 or later to access and store data using their service.

iCloud Drive is an all in one drive that doesn’t restrict users from using their service. However, this feature lets all user back up their file, work with a device and finish up on any other device that have access to the iCloud drive.

By default, the iCloud drive comes with 5GB space with users can upgrade to up to 2TB (Terabyte) which a monthly payment subscription is needed in other to upgrade your data space on www.icloud.com.

Function of Storage

This service was introduce in 2011. Since it was launched, a free 5GB was given to all owners of iOS device or later. Just like the iCloud drive, users can still purchase additional storage of up to 2TB.

The main function of the iCloud storage is to Backup and restore, and Contacts, email, and Calendars. Similar function as the iCloud drive. However, the iCloud storage is specifically for iOS users while the Icloud drive is for all users.

Function of iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain has been around since 2013 on Apple Worldwide Conference for developers. It was however released as part of the iOS 7 and OS Mavericks.

The key function of the iCloud keychain is basically to store all of your website login passwords, Credit/debit card information without the CVV, WI-FI passwords and other account related data in a highly secure database. It also provide a quick access to auto-fill on webpages and many more.

The information stored on the iCloud keychain are secure and encrypted in other to prevent unauthorized access and hacks.

Function of Find my iPhone

This is an important function that all iOS users should look into. The Apple Find my phone is a service that enables all iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc..) remotely lock and track their device location if stolen. This function is useful as when a device is stolen, you can lock the device for life and add your alternate phone number on the display screen.

In brief, the iCloud find my iPhone lets you track, lock and reset your iPhone from any location, preventing/rendering the iOS device useless to the person who stole the device. This function can be beneficial only if you have configured your iOS device for such function. If you haven’t, do so and visit www.icloud.com

Function of iCloud Email

An iCloud account includes an email account. How ever an email is not really required for www.iCloud.com account, therefor users can still use the email as their Apple ID.

Function Back to my Mac

The back to My Mac is a service of iCloud that enables users login to their other computers remotely. This function can only work on other MC computers that have the Back to My Mac function enabled.

Function of Photo Stream

This function enables iCloud users store up to 1,000 photos from their iOS device to their iCloud account server. This service is functional only when photo stream is enabled. However, if enabled, any images taken, will be stored automatically on your iCloud server account. This function can be disable at any point in time.

www.icloud.com – icloud login | icloud sign in and Accessing iCloud

In other to access www.iCloud.com, you must have an iCloud login. Without your iCloud login information, you will not be able to sign in.

Your iCloud ID can be the same as your Apple ID. In brief, Apple ID can be created with your email address on iTunes or on your Apple device. Without this apple ID you will not be able to download anything from App store.

This Apple ID can as well be used to access www.iCloud.com and synchronize/back up your information to your icloud account.

Useful Link

To create an Apple ID, Click HERE

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