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GTBank is the number one bank choice for most youths. www.gtbank.com is gtb online banking website. Gtbank internet banking system is also another method of banking that enables it’s user send and receive money online. Gtbank app is a mobile platform that enables user transfer money using the Gtbank mobile app.


GTBank is a popular bank in Nigeria and it is also known as Guaranty Trust Bank PLC. GTBank also offers online service such as gtb online banking and gtbank internet banking, Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking and Asset Management services.

Most of this service can be accessed online at www.gtbank.com. The gtb online banking is easy and simple to use making you flexibly access the Gtbank internet banking system even on your mobile phone.

www.gtbank.com GTBank Brief History

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank PLC) is a Nigerian Bank based in Victoria Island. The Bank was incorporated in 1990 and commenced operations in February 1991 as liability company.

GTBank has been licences to provide banking services for commercial and other use.

www.gtbank.com – GTbank won the Nigerian the Nigerian Stock Exchange President’s Merit award in 1996. They where also granted a universal banking license in February 2002.

As the first Nigerian Bank to be listed as the first joint stock company on the London Stock Exchange. The Bank IPO raised $750,000,000.

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank PLC) have really been growing fast. Which they issued a USD $400,000,000 Euro bond which the coupon rate of 6% and many more progress on the GTBank system. The bank has created millions of Job of over 10,000 employees which almost all citizens of Nigeria are happy with the speed at which the bank is growing on it’s service.

The gtb online banking, gtbank internet banking and even the mobile gtbank app and many more new service from the bank have really impacted on it’s customers.

GTBank online banking system


The gtbank online banking and gtbank internet banking are both online platform that can be accessed through their official website http://www.gtbank.com while the internet banking can be accessed through https://ibank.gtbank.com/ibank3/login.aspx both are system that enables user do online transfer and other transactions.

When you visit the gtbank online banking website, www.gtbank.com, you get to hand full of information related to one thing or the other that might be useful to you.

gtbank internet banking – www.gtb.com – ibank.gtbank.com/ibank3/login.aspx

To access the GTBank internet banking, you must first visit any GTBank branch to register for GTBank online banking.

The bank internet present is rated 4/5 with it’s tremendous flexibility. On gtbank internet banking, the present of full control is high as users can do so many things on the website.

For GTbank users looking for a way to send money to friends online, request for new GTBank ATM card and so on. Below are some of the things that can be done on the gtbank internet banking website.

To get the full functionality of the website. You must first register for online banking at any of the bank close to you. When done, ensure you request for token and ATM card which is required in some cases of online payment.

GTBank internet banking Features – www.gtbank.com

On the website, you can Check your Account Balance, pay bills, request for new atm card, buy airtime recharge cards and many more. Below are glimse of some services you will see on the GTBank internet banking website.

The left section displays series of services and function that enables banking for their customers easy and flexible.

Check your Account Statement

This is the landing page. Which at the middle of the page, you will see your account balances of all your active account. You can also view your Account statement on this section aswel.

If you have a USD dollar account, Euro and other account, the balance will be displayed on this section as well.

 Account Transfers

The bank also offers online transfer, as their customers can initiate a transfer between customers of other banks.  Customers can transfer cash to:

  • Their Account
  • To other Bank Account
  • Can also do an instant transfer and many more.


This section provide gives users access to Request for new ATM account, Block a Lost ATM card and many more.

Airtime & Data Bundle

Buying airtime recharge cards made easy as the bank provides all it’s users with full power over recharging their phone and also recharging for their love ones. You can also use the *737# as well for quick and easy recharge.

It provides instant recharge for their customers which they will be charged from their own personal account. They can buy recharge card for all networks on the website or recharge for their friends and loved once instantly online.

Payments & collections online on www.gtbank.com

Flexibility is important as the gtb online banking and gtbank internet banking system is all about making things easy for their users.

You can pay for bills online. Bills such as:

  • Airline ticket,
  • Visa Fees,
  • Wastern Union Receive Money,
  • Quickteller,
  • NIBSS Ebills payments,
  • Remita Payments,
  • school Fees,
  • insurance,
  • Subscription,
  • Church payments
  • and many more.

All this can also be payed on line with the gtbank internet banking system.

GTBank FX Transactions

The GTBank FX transfer enables users send and receive foreign currency such as Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and others. The GTBank Fx transfer lets you send dollar $, Pounds, Euro and other currency to other foreign bank account.

You can pay for bills on other foreign companies, by Transferring to the company’s account.

GTBank Cheques

Gtbank gives you full control over checks you have issued. You can confirm a cheque directly online and you can also Stop a cheque from being processed.

You don’t need to go to the bank to confirm and process any cheque. which is very much flexible for customers.

www.gtbank.com Self Service

Gtbank users/customers can enable and disable unwanted service from this section. This is a way for the users to set what to display on their user interface.

Travels – www.gtbank.com

You can also book for Flights. GTbank users can book for both International and local flight online. With the gtb online banking and gtbank internet banking system a lot can be achieved through this platform.

How to Download gtbank app – gtbank mobile app

GTBank mobile app. You can download GTBank app for your device. It is compatible for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and other enabled devices.

The purpose of the mobile app is to fasten the use and on-the-go service. As the GTBank app is very easy to use.

The GTbank mobile app is limited to some gtb online banking and gtbank internet banking service but still very effective.

Download GTBank app for iPhone, iPad, iPod (iOS)

You can download the GTbank mobile app from the official iPhone App store. You can do that by opening the App Store on your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and on the search bar, search for GTBank and download and install the App.

You can also click on this link either on your mobile phone or desktop/laptop to visit the direct link where you can easily download the GTBank mobile APP

Click this link to download GTBank mobile app for your ios device: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gtbank/id573523974?mt=8

Download GTBank app for Android

GTbank never neglected other devices as you can also download the mobile app for your android devices as well.

In other to download the app for your device, you can open your  Google play store and search for GTbank and download and install the app.

Download from the website directly from the web directly, then click on this link to download the mobile app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vanso.gtbankapp

Security on www.gtbank.com 

Since it have to do with money, Yes, security is one of the most important and shouldn’t be neglected in any way. The bank have always been working and upgrading and tightening any loop hole on their system so as to serve their customer better.

Verdict www.gtbank.com

The bank (www.gtbank.com, GTBank Guaranty Trust Bank PLC) has been improving over the years and trying as much as they can to ensure their customers are very happy.

The gtb online banking and gtbank internet banking is a medium to making the users/customers flexibly enjoy the banking flexibility system and sending and receiving of cash with ease.

The app which has also been developed to work compatibly on other mobile devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iOS, Tablets, Android and other devices.

So visit any branch of the bank

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