wind-powered car built in China 90mph


What more can i say. This extraordinary wind-powered car can reach speeds of nearly 90mph.

The home-built contraption is the brainchild of Chinese farmer Tang Zhengping, and was born out of his love for electronic gadgets. Range-extending hybrids are all the rage these days, proven by the Chevrolet Volt and Vauxhall Ampera’s success in winning European Car of the Year 2012. Mr Zhengping chose to take on the challenge of building a range-extender himself, creating this efficient but quirky blue vehicle as a result.

The wind-powered car measures 3m long, stands just 1m tall and took just three months to design and build.


The car is powered by a combination of batteries and electric generators, supplying power to the wheels via an electric motor.

The large spinning fan at the front rotates when the car is in motion – due to air hitting the blades – providing energy to charge the batteries or support electricity generation. In addition to the front fan, the car also uses ‘solar energy wings’ to store up power.

The car’s twin generators and batteries charge in turn, while the other is powering the vehicle.


There’s no ‘official’ measured range yet, but even driving moderate distances, a recharge only every two to three days is pretty impressive.

With a rapidly burgeoning economy, China has an unrelenting hunger for energy, and as a result produces huge amounts of pollution.

The country pumped £30 billion into wind power infrastructure last year though, and if Zhengping’s concept gets picked up and refined by a major manufacturer, it could certainly help reduce pollution in major cities.

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