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WhatsApp Messenger

We all know whatsapp as a mobile messenger that runs on mobile platform. With a green and white interface and has a call sign on its logo. With this new system of  mobile communication is easy and fast. You can send messages and also make calls with this application.


Whatsapp is build only for mobile phones and tablet. It can’t work on PC but there are other alternative to run whatsapp on PC. Which I we be talking on in my bluestack-tips.

Whatsapp for pc is also same as mobile version  all you need to do is to download apk file. And get it installed on your bluestack app. You can send instant free massage, voice note, share photo, video, audio and lots more. It has a user friendly ability as it works beastly on cell phones like.

www.whatsapp.com is the url to the web page. Where you can download whatsapp messenger for free. Paid version for this app cost $0.99 cent per year. This messenger works with all the recently lunched OS on mobile platform. It has same ability to send and receive messages.


How to Download Whatsapp Latest version

  1. For apk download go to www.whatsapp.com with your mobile browser its free to download.
  2. Select the model of your cell phone.
  3. A new window pop up and tell about the Minimum Requirements like the list OS version that work with the Model of your phone.
  4. Make sure the OS of your phone is up to date click on download.

Now that you have downloaded this powerful mobile messenger you need to install the application on your cell phone.

How to Create Whatsapp Account

  1. After installing whatsapp application run the app.
  2. You see a welcome page with a dialog box asking you if you agree to the term and condition.
  3. Click on the agree and continue buttoning.
  4. A new window pops up asking for mobile number enter your mobile number.
  5. A message we be send to the mobile number 5 digit code.
  6. Enter the code in the new pop up window in the whatsapp app.
  7. Now your account has been created you can enter any name of your choice as your whatsapp user name.

You can now start sending unlimited massages, video, voice note and lot more.

Features of Whatsapp Messenger

Contact List

Whatsapp uses phone number and that’s how your account is created. Your contact list is managed by your corresponding phone number and your address book. You don’t add friend by user name, you don’t search for friends by email or first and last name.

Add them to the contact list of your phone in other words. You can’t chat with any body if u don’t have their personal phone numbers they use in creating their account.

Whatsapp Profile Picture update

This app has profile picture like other social media. You can also change picture on your profile any time. Your profile picture can be seen by all your friends on this app who has your mobile number on their address book.

You can also update or create a status on your profile. Just like facebook your status can be seen by every body that add you as friend on facebook, same as this app. It has to be people on whatsapp that have your number on their phonebook.

Group Chat

With this app you can create a group or from a group chat. You can also invert friends from you contact that are currently on whatsapp to join the group. Group chart give room for group talk on a topic, share ideals, experience and lots more. You can benefit more from group chat with this amazing app.

Whatsapp Backup

We all know how important our files are to us, the app is not just for messages you can also send other files like picture video and so on. You can as well back up this files in other to keep them save because we never can tell what may happen to our device by bucking up our files and conversations. We can be sure they are well kept should in case of any error in our device. So that we can recover this files back and you conversations.

How to Backup Whatsapp Conversations

This app has a auto backup system that saves it conversations automatically. Every day at a particular time on all devices that has the app to run a manual back up follow this step

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to Options.
  2. Look out for where you see Settings click on it.
  3. Go to Chat History.
  4. Scroll down to Backup chat history.

Click on it and your starts backing up your conversation, other file like pictures, video and so on. Are save automatically to your device memory.

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