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Waphan.com is a platform, specifically built for users to download mobile Games, Android games, full mp4 films, 3gp videos, photos and wallpapers. Users get to choose their favorite Waphan category and browse for Videos,wallpapers, games and more free mobile downloads.

Waphan.com Waptrick Games Themes Videos Apps Free Download
Basic Overview of Waphan.com

Waphan.com is the front page of www.waptrick.com which both website are basically filled with tons of free stuffs for users to enjoy. It also has large contents that has been categorized for flexibility.

With Waphan.com you can Play android games, download themes and watch videos, download themes and get the latest and the best mobile downloads.

Waphan file categories:

  • Waphan Games: Under this section, you can download series of games. This games are for Android users, Java Games, and Symbian Games. The website categories it’s games/application in such a way that it’s user can easily navigate through the website with ease to download applications. Games are grouped by: Arcade Games, Kid Games, Action Games, Racing games, Movie Games, Casino Games, Platform Games, Christmas Games, Sports Games, Strategy Games, Mind Games, Puzzle Games and Misc Games.
  • Videos: In this section, you get free access to download series of Videos base on your choice. This videos have been converted(The size are friendly 😉 ) in either 3GP or MP4 to suit their users need. Videos are grouped by: Sports, Cartoon, Funny Videos, Movie Trailer, Model Fitness, Animals, Celebrity, Games videos, Big brother, Beauty, Football world cup 2014, TV series, Magicians illusion talent and Accidents
  • Animations: Here you get to download animal related images, this images could be in JPEG, PNG, GIF etc.
  • Applications: Apps are also downloaded for FREE on this section. You have access to Applications such as Phone/SMS apps, Dictionary, Antivirus/Security, Music/photo and many more.
  • Song Lyrics: can also download lyrics of your favorite music.
  • Live chat
  • Horoscope

Mp3 download on Waphan

Unfortunately it doesn’t support mp3 download. It is focused on mainly Games, Videos, Apps,Themes, Photos, Wallpapers and others.

However it does not require you to register on the website before you can begin to download anything you want.Thanks to the age of technology and the admin of the site,the site will automatically sync your phone model and show apps and games that are compatible with your device straight up.

Waphan: Waptrick’s new homepage

Being waptrick’s new hompage,you’re entitled to download to download tons of video games and apps

one can decide whether to log on to www.waphan.com instead of www.waptrick.com for downloading games,apps,etc because of their service quality is almost the same and still remains top-notch.


www.waphan.com is a wonderful website set aside for users to get their hands on series of applications, Mp3 and many more for free stuffs.

lastly,waphan.com is a cool website! it has been around for years. We have no idea why www.waptrick.com has decided to redirect it’s user here. Nonetheless, they do a great job by putting series of Free stuffs out their for their users.

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