Using cmd to Change Lost password on Windows 7


Using cmd to Change Lost password on Windows 7

This method is for all those that have lot of passion while working on command prompt(cmd). I like this method because, its just so straight and brief. Follow this tips clearly using cmd to change lost password on Windows 7.


Step 1.

Click start or windows logo, in the box search for cmd, right click on cmd, then run as administrator.(we run as administrator so as to gain privilege to access any file)

In the CMD window  type the following command below and  hit Enter : net user Account Name Your New Password

net user Account Name Your New Password

In this command replace Account Name by the account name (Account Name is case sensitive) whose password you want to change and replace Your New Password by the password that you want to set.

By so doing this your password will be changed successfully, Now type in exit and hit enter. Now you can fully enjoy your newlly changed password. I hope this tips really worked for you.

Enjoy your new password and feel free to share this info with your friends.

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