How to Unlock Nokia N97


Nokia N97 is a GSM cell phone. Typically, when you purchase the handheld from a carrier, it will be locked to that carrier’s services. This means that you cannot switch your phone network unless the cell phone is unlocked. Several methods are available for unlocking the N97.

 Steps on how to Unlock Nokia N97

  1. Contact your carrier and figure out if it’s willing to give away the unlock code. Depending on your contract length, the carrier may or may not provide the unlock code with a fee. The closer the contract lies to the termination date, the more likely you are to get the free code.
  2. Pay your carrier the fine for breaking the contract, if applicable, and get the unlock code. If your carrier refuses to give away the free code, you can finish the contract sooner and get the phone unlocked.
  3. Purchase the unlock code from a remote unlocking company. Retrieve the IMEI of your phone by pressing “*#06#.” Give your carrier name, phone model and IMEI code to the unlocking company. Make the payment via credit card and wait for the unlock code to be sent at your email ID.
  4. Enter the unlock code you obtained from any of the above methods into your cell phone. Typically, you have to insert the SIM of a provider other than your current carrier and enter the unlock code after powering your phone on. The screen will display a “phone unlocked” message.
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