UC Web Browser

UC Web Browser

Uc web is a Chinese web browser available only on mobile devices, It’s translated in 11 languages and run on all top mobile operating system with lots of great features that makes it stand out from other mobile web browser that are available on the internet.

Features of Uc Web

Uc web has over 200 million users all over the world because of it has a fast load time speed, this is the time taken to open a particular web page when browsing. Uc and Opera mini are the fastest and most reliable mobile internet browsers rated by most user that have them their mobile phone.

Uc web has an auto compression ability that helps in reducing web page size in other to save mobile Internet data usage. It also has a quick search engine tab where by user don’t have to enter the URL of the search engine anymore, all you need is to enter the search terms on the search engine tool bar on Uc web browser to get a comprehensive search result.

Downloading is one of the most amazing features of this browser, this is one of the major factors to consider when using a browser be it mobile or Pc browser there is need for the browser to have an inbuilt download manager that controls your entire download. Uc web has one of the best Download manager built in that is capable of downloading any file size with fast download speed. This download manager has all the features that other download manager software has such as user can pauses current downloads, it has the ability to run two download for a particular file this help to increase the download speed. User can also continue download at any time when ever then broken download as a result of bad network signal in most case on other browsers the file we corrupted user we have to start the download over again but on Uc web user don’t have tpo worry about bad network signal because they can always continue their download without getting their download file corrupted.

Uc web is also very flexible and easy to use with great user interface which gives users great browsing experience when browsing the internet, with quick short cut icon to bookmarks, linked to a particular web page so you don’t have to enter the url all over again. It also has a voice command where by users can search for anything using voice command.

How to Download Uc Web App

To download Uc web app you can visit their official web site www.ucweb.com and search for your mobile plat form using your mobile device you can also get this app from any of your mobile store for free be it Android or IOS it is also available on java phones, windows phones and other mobile OS.

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