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In the event that you have friends and family detained in the prison, it will be difficult to visit them since your time and cash won’t permit you to drive far and go through just a few minutes with them.

Don’t worry about all that again as Offender Connect will help you stay in touch with your family or companions by telephone or by email. The expenses and charges may fluctuate in light of the remedial office where a wrongdoer is imprisoned in addition to other things. You have 24-hour access to your online phone and commissary accounts.

Offender Connect Guidelines

Every time you visit Offender Connect, remember to view the “News Updates” section beneath the main page in the event that you miss any offers or new administrations.

  1. For existing Offender Connect account holders, please check the “Terms of Use” and “Your Privacy Rights” through the connections at the upper right of the principle page or through the Reference links section. Keep in mind to check your uncommon offers tab for a free drug markdown card for reserve funds up to 75% on the cost of your solutions.
  2. For TDOC (Tennessee Department of Corrections) clients, your Offender Connect pin debit deposits can now be made on .So do endeavor to create an account today in order for you to make free phone account deposits.

Enter your Client ID and password in order for you to sign in to your Offender Connect account online. To make a Offender Connect account, click the “sign up” icon and consent to Terms of Utilization. Round out your Client ID, contact data and password.

You’ll be required to complete the Offender information also. In the event that you don’t agree to the terms of “Your Privacy Rights”, you will have 30 days from the date you make the record to disable your account simply by reaching the Offender Connect service provider using the data gave in the privacy statement. A discount of any charges you have paid and have not been utilized as a part of association with the administration will be returned back to you.

Offender Connect Services

Various administrations offered by Offender Connect includes;

  • My Telephone Account
  • Offender phone account
  • The offender trust fund
  • Privilege to send an email to an offender.

AdvancePay and Detainee Charge Telephone for all GTL and exchanged PCS and VAC offices are acknowledged on the site. Visit the connections about the AdvancePay and the Detainee debit Telephone on the principle page or tap on “locations” to loo out for various service locations.

  • My Telephone Account permits prisoners to call you with a prepaid record. Know that the prepaid telephone account can just get receive phone calls on numbers that have been specified.
  • The Offender Phone record is the place you can add cash to a offender’s telephone account.
  • Also, the Offender Trust Fund empowers you to make a cash deposit to a detainee’s commissary account
  • Know that telephone calls made and messages sent to the office are checked always.

You can make a trust fund deposit simply by calling 1-888-988-4768. You’ll be requested your offender’s ID when incited. For extra inquiries, you can allude to the Reference Interfaces beneath or contact Offender Connect.

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Offender Connect Overview

The Offender Connect platform permits contact among prisoners and their family or companions by telephone or by email. It is a free administrations gateway for Worldwide Tel-link. The administration is expected for people who are no less than eighteen years of age. You can discover other valuable assets intended to help you in remaining associated with cherished one. Expenses will apply to your utilization of specific features while using the service.

Useful Links

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