TrackR Bravo Tiny Device Allows You Track anything

TrackR is a Tracking device. The concept of trackR is to help it’s users track anything. Yes anything, it could be your bunch of key, phones, wallets, bag, your Dog, laptop, and even track your Boy friend, girlfriend/partners :-). etc… anything.

Trackr - mikiguru -track your device

It was found by a company based in California. They came in with something totally different. Giving you full right over all of your belongings. For those who own cars, they can go home with a rest of mind because, car hijacking wouldn’t be their worries anymore. The concept of tracking anything is a good idea.

What are Tracking Devices

Tracking devices uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to function. This tracking device unite can be carried by a person, Cars and others. Tracking devices are used to track the current location of anything or person that has a tracking device unit on/with them.

The device records the location, some device record the location at real time and stored with in the tracking device unit. The recorded location now been transmitted to a central location data base.

Most company lately have been showing interest on tracking system, such as Trackr, Google Maps, Uber, mobile phone inbuilt GPS and many more.


trackr 1

Over 1.5 million of this device have been sold out worldwide which makes the device the most affordable and working device in the world.

Well, you don’t need to worry above installing GPRS or spending much money incurring some devices that fails along the line.

The name of the device is called TRACKR. its well proportioned and idyllic for use and also the state of the art tracking device.


All you need to do is to install a free trackR app on your smartphone, and you connect the app to your device.

Automatically, you are good to go. Get the gadget, or anything you want to track, and attach the device to it. This will not take your time in installing.

Trackr COST

Well I will say this is very cheap compare to other devices. Comparing this with other GPRS tracking unit is waste of time because this cost only a token of 29dollars.


  1. Just try and order TrackR at your convenience for your use
  2. After this must have been brought to your doorstep, open it and place the tiny battery inside the device . then you download the free TrackR app on your smartphone and link up the unit with the app. Then you hide the device in your car or you can also attach it to the item you are willing to track
  3. Finally helps you smile by by finding your item

This device can help you look for other item you cherish so much and that is why you need the product as your handbag in other to get out of lost item.

Features of TrackR

TrackR is a lovely device and has a lot of amazing features and function that will make you wish to have it now.

With this device you can archive some of the following and even more that are not listed here:

  • Distance Indicator: Lets you see the distance between you and you current tracking device. Which is displayed on the Mobile App.
  • Trackr bravo item finder: This enables you find your device, keys, etc by ringing on the misplaced items.
  • Phone finder: All you have to do is to press your trackr device button and this will initiate a ring on your phone. This works even if your phone is set to silent.
  • Trackr bravo crowd gps: If the device is with in range of lost, it will give you an accurate location of the lost item.
  • Trackr bravo separation alerts: You can also set a two way ring tune when you misplace your mobile phone again.
  • Thinner design: The design concept is straight out of the future, as it is light and made to easily fit with any lost item.
  • Easy to track your things: This is cool as with the mobile app, specifically built for iPhone and Android device, it gives you full power to you lost items.
  • Water Resistant Case: Their is a casing that is water resistant, this allow you track anything especially when you are around pools, beach maybe outside when it rains.
  • Metal Carabiner: This gives you comfort when it is been attached to keys, bags, laptop and other device so that they stay attached strong.

TrackR Video Review 

Good luck. Enjoy

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