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Are you looking for a secure website to download Musics/Mp3, Movies, TV series, Games and many more, then is the best when is comes to such.

Toxicwap is trusted and secure. Our Team spent time researching on their data and found out their files can be trusted.

You don’t have to worry when it comes to responsiveness. The website is responsive irrespective of the mobile device you making use of.

Toxicwap is a mobile targeted website and tends to provide its users valuable data/information. On the website you have the following below for free at any time of the day:

  • Music: This category contains a large data base filled with music of all categories, types and format. such as Music Mp3, instrumentals, Hip hop, R&B and many more.
  • Movies: Toxicwap also have a huge data base for the movie lovers. This section give you access to download Movies of different kind. New movies, Hollywood, Bollywood and many more new movies that are compatible for any mobile device. Mp4 etc.
  • TV Series: Even when you miss a favorite movie series. You don’t have to hesitate because, you can still download a compatible mobile friendly version of the TV series in either Mp4 or 3gp format.
  • Android: Things/App related to Android, such as Android Theme, Screen savers and many more can also be downloaded in this section.
  • Android Games: Are you a Game lover? If yes, then feel free to visit this section of to download your favorite games for your Android phones.
  • Videos: You can also download Latest Music Videos, Game videos, Trailers, documentary, comedy videos, and many more videos on the website.
  • Images: If you’re a lover of images/pictures. You where never exempted, on the website, they got tons of lovely picture to fit perfectly for your phone. Either wallpapers, funny images, nature images and more can be downloaded on the website.
  • Ebooks: I no you smiling. Lovers of electronics books (eBooks) this is your section ;). This is where you get to download PDF of any book of your choice depending if it is available on their database. So, feel free to surf this section and look for a PDF book of your choice.

Mobile and Desktop view of

SHowing how flexible the website is, we decided to do a screenshot of the desktop view and the mobile view of the website.

Desktop View 

ToxicWap Free Mp3s Android TV Series Movies Music Videos_Desktop View
Mobile View

ToxicWap Free Mp3s Android TV Series Movies Music Videos_Desktop View1
Steps on How to use Toxicwap.

This section, MikiGuru team has made a quick description that will guide you. How you can easily download any files on the website.

How to easily download Music from

  1. Get your mobile phone, and open the link on any of your mobile browser.
  2. Straight up, navigate to “Music” and click it to open the Musical category. The musical section gives you access to download different category of music.
  3. Select a category, surf for the music you desire to download. Hit the download link to download the mp3 of the music you selected.

Now you see how easy it is to download any music from the website.

How to download Movies from

  1. Still similar to the step above. Open the url link
  2. Scroll down and click on Movies.
  3. Select your desired Movie.
  4. Select the movie title of your choice to begin download.
  5. The Movie might be categories in different sections/part.
  6. Download all parts sequentially and wolla, you’re good to enjoy your movie.

The above steps are quick and easy guide that will guide you on How to download any file with in the category of Music, Movie, TV series, Android, Android Games, Videos, Images, Ebooks and more on Toxicwap.

Same strategy used on the above steps should also be implemented to download anything from the website.

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