Whatsapp Web Messenger and Download – www.whatsapp.com Review


Whatsapp is a cross-platform, freeware and end-to end encrypted immediate messaging app for internet devices, especially smartphones.  It uses internet services to make voice calls, send text messages, video calls, GIF, images, documents, videos, voice notes, phone contacts, etc to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers. www.whatsapp.com This is … Continue reading

Whatsapp messenger | whatsapp web | www.whatsapp.com whatsapp for pc


Whatsapp messenger is an online cross-platform, encrypted instant messaging app that allows you to send texts across platforms, even internationally. With this chat app installed on your smartphone, you’ll save a little money on text charges through your carrier and across platforms with no message limits or fees (until after … Continue reading

WhatsApp Web: How to Connect WhatsApp to your PC computer and reduce data usage

It’s a cool thing to be able to chat on whatsapp using your desktop computer. The WhatsApp Web version made things easy especially when you’re trying to manage data usage on your mobile device. NOTE: You don’t have to download the whatsapp desktop app on your system. The WhatsApp Web … Continue reading