SWIFT 4G LTE Freebrowsing cheat 2014

Hello all, have something new and cool for all swift users. Latest browsing cheat for only Swift 4G LTE users (The new swift wireless modem). Before I start, just want to let you all know that Your-freedom still works/rocks till date on all swift 4G modem and some other networks, but you have to set/change your Connection mode to DNS which is kind of too slow refer to this link for settings, settings works on all networks for Your-freedom free-browsing cheat.


With any of the above Modem you can enjoy this unlimited and fastest browsing cheat am about to give out.


This browsing cheat has been working perfectly fine since last year till date and the speed is more than unbelievable, you can download as you like, download Full movies online, watch videos on YouTube till you get tired, another good thing about this package is that you can be online for hours non stop, so cool, I no you cant wait to get hold/no what it is.


How it Works

First, Connect to your wireless modem and start-up the package am gonna send to you and boom, you’re flying on high speed with no limit. The package automatically connects/configure all software on your system, no need for extra configurations.

Some specs/Features:

How to get the Package

Am going straight to the point, its not FrEE, am giving it out for N2000 with a 1month (31days) unlimited browsing surf, come-on its not expensive compare to you paying N2000 for 500MB.

So if you’re interested in this marvelous package then ball-in

100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE 5Days, if it doesn’t work you get your money back in full.

You can Call: 07035064730, 07084876057 or Send an SMS.

For account details please click Here

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