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How does MMM-Nigeria function? 

It is very basic, MMM community individuals give cash to each other. acts by linking the donator and beneficiary. The donator renders help, then gets to be distinctly qualified to request help in 30days accepting 30% interest.

In outline, it gives one the chance to procure 30% of your initial deposit monthly. On the off chance that you Contribute N50,000, it implies you will be qualified to get N65,000 after 30days.

How do i register on and what are the Prerequisite?

Individuals must be 18+ to enlist. You are required to give a valid email address for confirmation purpose, Contact Address and you bank details to get your installment. To enroll a MMM-Nigeria account CLICK HERE. After enrollment, the following stride is to get to your MMM Individual Office and confirm your telephone number, email and enter your bank details for payment.

Subsequent to doing this your are currently prepared to give assistance on MMM. Note that, you must to first render help before you will be eligible to get help.

How to login on

  • First visit the website which is
  • Navigate through the site until you find the ”Login to mmm” icon.
  • Click on it and you’ll be redirected to a secured page.
  • Provide your login details and input the captcha number
  • Finally, click on ”Login”.
    This will allow you to access your personal office.

You can read the latest news concerning MMM-Nigeria here

Nigerian Government reaction to

Despite the fact that the Buhari administration has made constant interests to natives to quit contributing on ponzi schemes like MMM. Nevertheless, people still flocks around it. In light of such prompt from the administration and different gossipy tidbits about the plan falling once its a year old in a nation, many individuals needed to recover their cash. So the constantly expanding interest for ‘Getting Help’ turned out to be excessively tyrannical and the promoters chose, making it impossible to suspend exchanges until January. The promoters of the Ponzi conspire has additionally guaranteed Nigerians that the site has not slammed thus there ought to be no reason for frenzy. The framework is experiencing arrangements for exceptional exercises in front of 2017, which comes in under three weeks. It is not sure if members can give assistance or not.

Individuals have blamed the media and the Nigerian legislature of being in charge of the destiny of the Ponzi plot. These two components are reprimanded for placing dread in the psyches of Nigerian MMM members. The organizer Sergey Mavrodi said that these silly conduct from the media and the administration was because of absence of understanding of how MMM functions.

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