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Sling TV gives you access to 16 channels for $20 monthly. is the official website for Sling TV. For $20 dollars, you get access to 16 live channel including AMC, TNT, CNN, ESPN HDTV, Disney Channel, History and many more.

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Sling TV is an American TV. Sling is a service that lets you watch cable TV on your TV, Computer, Mobile phone and other enabled gadgets. This New American TV service gives you access to cable channel and better than cable TV because you don’t have to worry about your service been cut off.

The service of Sling TV is a pay on demand system which is similar to cable. It is a subsidiary of cable and satellite TV except it is been delivered straight and direct over the internet.

You do not need any subscription from any DISH to get on SLING TV.

Sling TV availability

It is an American service which is also New and launched on February 9.

The Service is available for those located in United State of America. Which hopefully they may extend their service to other country.

What is the Price for Sling TV?

Lowest package plan subscription is $20 per month which is known as “The Best of Live TV”.

One thing I love so much about this service is the fact that you don’t have to feel so deeply committed like a contract plan. You have the right to cancel or suspend service at any point in time.

Another good thing about Sling TV is that you get up to 19 channels, which include some popular cable channel such as AMC, TNT, CNN, ESPN HDTV, Disney Channel, History. You can also add Add-on packages which cost $5 each monthly.

How to watch Sling TV

To watch and enjoy this lovely service, you will have to visit: website and create an account.

Download the App for your device. On the website you get to see supported device that can use the service, but, below we have listed some of the device that the App can and can not work on.

Compatible Sling TV Devices

Mobile devices: Android mobile phones, PC, Mac computers, Tablets, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

TV devices: Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Xbox one, Roku TV, Roku Streaming and stick.

Not Compatible device: PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

For now their is no Sling App designed exclusively for Apple TV, but, worry less as Sling promised a release a very compatible App.

Features of Sling TV and Things you need to know

  • You can watch Sling TV on one TV, but you can create account for multiple devices.
  • Sling TV shows TV commercial and shows advert just exactly how your normal TV does.
  • You cannot pause, Fast-forward nor rewind on some channels.

Internet connection speed and Sling TV

Sling do need a standard internet connection to render a quality service. The same quality speed of internet required to watch movies on NetFlix and Hulu is required to enjoy Sling service.

Sound on Sling

The sound is available on 5.1 surround sound where it is available. So The service is cool and addictive because the sound and display gives you that feeling.

Download Sling TV App for Android, iOS, Tabs and TV

Sling is compatible on some devices. While Sling tech team kept on modifying and upgrading their service to better serve their users.

You can download sling from Google Play store, App Store etc…

How to download Sling TV

  1. Visit:
  2. Then scroll down and selecct your device to start downloading the App for your device.


Slind TV being the FIRST American TV service to provide and deliver cable and satellite TV channels such as, AMC, TNT, CNN, ESPN HDTV, Disney Channel, History and many more for less.

The service works anywhere in USA with a stable broadband internet connection. The service lets you enjoy some popular TV channel for as low as $20 and also lets you use Add-on for as low as $5.

The poor side of Sling TV is that it has few channels compared to basic and standard Cable and satellite TV.

When it comes to on-the-go, you can count on Sling because of the fact that it lets you enjoy cable TV on any device.

The fact that you use the service base on choice and can cancel your subscription at any point in time.

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