Samsung Galaxy S III gets reprieve from potential US ban

Apple must have been looking for a repeat performance of the somewhat botched HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE US launch. The company asked that the Galaxy S III be added to an existing request for a ban on the sale of a number of Samsung Galaxy devices due to proclaimed patent violations.

One of the patents in question is the very same that caused the ITC to grant the ban on the HTC devices, namely the recognition of a numeric sequence or string of text that brings up an appropriate menu in response to a tap. The other is directed at S Voice and its similarities to Siri.

Well, all you Galaxy S III hopefuls can thank an overbooked US legal system for preventing a longer wait to get your hands on this shiny new toy. Judge Lucy Koh has indicated that to entertain such a request now would delay the actual trial, currently scheduled to start July 30, which Apple doesn’t want to see happen.

As you all are no doubt aware, the Galaxy S III will  launch across all the major carriers sometime between June 21 and July 9, so everyone should have a chance to pick one up.

To be clear, the fact that the ban wasn’t issued doesn’t indicate that the Judge is siding with Samsung. So come early August, if Apple emerges triumphant, we could still see certain Samsung devices facing a ban in the US.

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