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Spotify web player

Spotify web player can be accessed online at I like listening to spotify music on my spotify app. There is nothing more like listening to music online using spotify. I happen to be a music lover, i like virtually all music genres like pop, R&B, blues, Reggae, Rock n … Continue reading

VLC player – Vlc media player for Mac | download Vlc media player

VLC player

VLC player is a free, portable, open-source and cross platform media player. VLC is available for mobile and desktop platforms such as the windows phone, Android, iOS, etc. The VLC player mobile application is available for Android and iOS devices in their respective play stores. VLC media player supports various … Continue reading – tubidy mp3 download | Play tubidy music on

Tubidy is the best site to download mp3 music, mp4 movies and to share files. Tubidy mp3 download is quite simple and it is easy to play play and watch mp3 music on Making use of tubidy search engine helps user to search for mp3 music, mp4 videos etc. … Continue reading

iPhone emoji keyboard – Get the latest iPhone emoji keyboard for android

iPhone emoji keyboard

iPhone emoji keyboard is one of the reasons why most people buy the iPhone device. So far emoji is one of the best things that has ever happened to the iPhone market. iOS including iPhone, iPad etc has a solid in-built emoji keyboard. Although, you can download more keyboards on … Continue reading

Middle finger emoji | How to get and Download ios emojis for android |

ios emojis for android

Emoji originated from the Japanese words ”e” meaning picture, ”mo” meaning writing and ”ji” meaning character. These symbols originated from Japanese mobile phones in the late 1990s and rapidly became popular with their users.  iOS emojis are undoubtedly the best which makes Android users want to have the application on … Continue reading