Opera Mini App Review and How to Download Opera Mini

Opera mini is a web browser that is build to work only on mobile devices and has it PC version as Opera browser. This mobile web browser was rated as the fastest of all mobile web browsers that has all the unique features that other web browsers has. Opera mini has a compatibility mode that enables the app to run on all mobile devices ranging from Java to Android.

Opera mini app was developed basically for the purpose economizing mobile internet data for mobile users. With this app on your mobile device all your web pages you browse we be compress automatically to suit your mobile view. This features fasting up the page load time speed. Opera mini also has the ability to option out java script from running at background. Java Script will only run for a couple of seconds on the Mini server before pausing.

How to download opera mini on Any Device

Opera mini app is available on all mobile store such as Google play store, Apple store Blackberry app store and windows app store, it is free to download. If you are using any mobile that doesn’t support app store you can visit the opera mini official link m.opera.com enter this web address on the url feed of any browser to download the opera mini software on your device

What’s in the App?

After successful download and installation of the app, click or tap the short cut icon created by the app during installation to lunch the app. You can enter web address on the url feed allocated at the top of the home page of the app, the search box is for direct search whenever you enter any key world you don’t have to go to google.com to enter a search key word or Wikipedia the is like a short cut, just enter the key and select what search engine you want to make use of and get an instant search result base on the key word you entered.

You can also create bookmark icons at the home screen for quick access to a particular web page this book mark with icons at the home page of opera mini are call speed dial to add a new bookmark to speed dial, tap the plus icon and enter the web address. If there is any speed dials that you don’t like you can hold down and click on delete or edit to edit the link. On opera mini you can also open multiple pages on different tabs.

Opera mini also has a refresh button you can add normal bookmarks when you click on settings you can also check your browser history, save a page and lots more you can also change image quality and even front size.

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