Nokia Lumia 610 spotted on Navifirm WP7.8

But now it seems WP7.8 is appearing along side it (1066.0.8779.12221)

Navifirm is a software for downloading Nokia mobile phone’s firmware images. This software was developed by EPICBIZNUS, and then other developers improved this tool. Features: downloading Nokia firmware files and listing, checking and finding the product code for mobile device. Navifirm connects directly to Nokia firmware support servers, so it has the most recent firmware updates. Click here to see how to use Nokia Navifirm ware

The middle numbers like 8773 or 8779 represents the core version of the wp7 OS running on the device. It would be a good thing if this device will be further upgraded to WP7.8. It might help its sales a little (at least in appearance it would look like WP8) and would have all the additional features Nokia mentioned.

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