Nintendo 3DS XL announced 2012

Nintendo has announced that the 3DS will be getting a size boost next month, with the release of the 3DS XL. The new handheld will have screens 90% larger than its predecessor, but a thinner bezel means the overall size of the handheld has only gone up 46%.

So just how big are we talking? Well, while the original 3DS’ 3D screen was 3.53 inches, the 3DS XL top screen will measure up at 4.88 inches. The bottom touchscreen will be 4.18 inches, compared to the 3DS’ 3.02-inch offering. The resolution and processing power remains the same.

The screens aren’t the only thing that’s had a boost on the 3DS XL. The battery life has also been improved to allow you an extra half an hour of 3D gaming, and up to an extra two hours of normal 2D DS game play. There’s also been an increase to the bundled SD card, from 2GB to 4GB, for storing your downloaded games.

Now for the bad news. Nintendo has said that to keep the price ‘reasonable’, there will be no AC adapter included in the box. If you’ve owned a DS or 3DS in the past, you can use that, but if you haven’t, you’ll need to fork out for a new one.

No AC adapter included


The 3DS XL will be available in blue, red or silver from 28 July and has a US price tag of $199. UK prices haven’t been confirmed as yet, but we’ll bring it to you as soon as we have it.

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