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Oct, 23th, 2012. Apple released two tablets, one is the rumored iPad mini, the other is iPad 4. Before this event, many sites in the web have showed iPad mini leaked parts, including battery, antenna, LCD, and charging port. Some key features we obtained before has been proved. The iPad mini has a 7.9 inches display, 1024×768 resolution-the same as iPad 2, and a lighting dock connector.

Here are more Specification of it.


  • 7.2mm thin
  • 53 percent lighter
  • 0.68 pounds


  • Thinner bezels
  • Ultra rounded edges
  • Updated smart covers
  • White and Black models
  • Of course, a unibody design


  • Dual-core A5
  • Lightning dock
  • 10 hours of battery life

Most of the parts you’re seeing above are included in the iPhone 4S. They’re components that Apple has already been sourcing from various manufacturers, meaning they’re much easier to procure this time around. By retooling the same components for the iPad Mini, Apple is likely cutting costs.



  • 5-megapixel camera
  • FaceTime HD front-facing camera

Some Thoughts:

The iPad isn’t great for taking pictures. It’s just too big. But the iPad Mini will be even more portable than its big brother, and perhaps a bit more wieldy, too. The new iPod touch is clearly trying to replace the average digital point-and-shoot camera, and the iPad mini is to the iPad as the iPod touch is to the iPhone 5.

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