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MTN users, don’t worry, you’ve not been left out. This browsing cheat works on MTN and it’s a software you may no. The speed is OK, if you’re a researcher, but if you’re the type that like downloading huge files and watching YouTube! then I guess this is not for you. Below is a picture of a test I ran on it. By the way, its called your-freedom. Those of you that already know about freedom, all you have to do is to set the Connection mode to DNS and port to 53 every other settings remains the same.

MTN on Freedom

As you can see, am running a test on Your-freedom with my MTN

MTN on Freedom2

Notice the banwidth

To set-up yours, Download the latest version of your-freedom from and openVPN from there download page, and ensure to create an account with them.

After downloading, install both software on your system and set to run as admin by right clicking the the your-freedom icon on your desktop then Property=>compatibility=>Tick on Run this program as administrator=>OK

While setting up software cancel what ever popups that comes on till you get to the main windows like the one above.

Setting up Your-freedom software (Same settings for swift 4G)

STEP 1: Downloading Softwares

  • You’ll need to download Freedom software from HERE. (Please download theWindows full installer 15.30mb)
  • Download openVPN from HERE. (Please download the exe file 32bit)
  • Create an account with your-freedom. Click HERE to create an account. (Choose a username and password. Takes 1mins or less)
  • Once down with the above proceed to step 2 installation.

STEP 2: Given software admin right

  • Install the files you downloaded. Install openVPN first.
  • After installation you’ll have to set program to “Run as Administrator
    • Right click on the “Your-freedom icon” in desktop
    • Click “Property
    • Click on “Compatibility” TAB
    • Tick “RUN this program as an Administrator
    • Click “OK
    • Do the same for OpenVPN aswell.

STEP 3: Setting-up Your-freedom

  • Double click on “Your Freedom” from your desktop.
  • Navigate to “Ports” on the tab and tick the following:
    • SOCKS 4/5 port
    • Web Proxy Port
    • OpenVPN port
    • Use UDP for OpenVPN

  • Now, navigate to the message tab and set the following:
    • Tick “Auto scroll
    • Set Minimum Level: set to “DEBUG

Here we’ll be doing a little configuration before we can start using the software cheat

  •  Click on Status Tab
    • Under “Your Freedom Server
    • Address:
    • Port: 53
    • Connection mode: DNS
    • Tweaks: None
  • Under options the following should be ticked:
    • Reconnect after server shutdown
    • SOCKS4/5 DNS lookups on server
    • Enable encryption
    • Enable re-keying
    • Use true SSL with HTTPS
  • At the right set the following:
    • Minimum buffer size: 1500
    • Re-connection delay: 5000
    • Initial POST size: 10000000
    • Minimum POST size: 20000
    • FTP mode: both
    • SSL protocol version: any
  • Under “General settings” tick “Do not show pop-up windows
  • Under the account information, please input the Username and Password you created earlier.
  • Click on SAVE and EXIT

Exit the program and Connect your Modem. Now open Your Freedom software and click on “Start Connection“. If you need a voucher you can call 07035064730 and I’ll send you a 1hr basic  voucher for Your-freedom for test drive FREE. Only giving it out to first 10 people to call.

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