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MapQuest is an American chargeless networked web mapping service, which is held by AOL. is the official website.

mapquest-directions1 | Overview

It started in 1967 as geological services, a detachment of R.R. Donnelley & Sons in Illinois, Chicago, United States. In 1969, it relocated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The name Geo-systems Global Corporation was given to it, when it became independent in 1994. It was purchased by America Online, Inc. Company in 2000. It had the second-maximum division of the online mapping merchandise in the U.S. It was second only to Google Maps. | History

In the middle of 1980, Donnelley began developing maps and routes for clients, with the cooperation of Barry Glick, a University at Buffalo PhD graduate. Much of the cipher was fitting for use on the Internet to build the site’s web service in 1996. In 1999, the company was renamed MapQuest to authorize the fame of its online brand.

America Online, Inc. bought MapQuest in 2000.

For a while, MapQuest added asteroid pictures through an authorized deal with GlobeXplorer, but later detached them due to the different business logistics of the deal procured by AOL. In September 2006, The website once again began serving asteroid imagery in a new dubious program.

MapQuest, Research in Motion, uLocate and Nextel launched MapQuest Find Me, a buddy-spotter service that works on GPS-enabled mobile devices in 2004. MapQuest Find Me lets clients automatically find their location, directions, and access maps, and locate nearby points of interest including banks, ATMs, hotels, airports and restaurants.

Customers also have the capacity to set up notifications to be notified when network members arrive or depart from a designated area. In 2005 the service became available on Sprint and in 2006,Boost Mobile.

MapQuest Growth | Mapquest driving directions classic

In July 2006, the site built a dubious version of a new trait in which clients could now “Build Your Route” by adding extra stops, reorder one’s route (and the stops along the way), to avert any turns or roads en route. Customers could also write out the starting address.

Though in 2008, the general public made a compelling alteration away from MapQuest to the much younger Google Maps service.

The corporation broadcasted plans to become the first major mapping website to welcome open-source mapping, launching a new site segregate from its main site, totally using data from the OpenStreetMap project in July, 2010. On July 14, 2010, MapQuest lofted a clear user alloy and made the site more dense. It also popularized “My Maps” personalization, which allows the client to personalize the interface.

Brian McMahon became the CEO and GM of MapQuest in July, 2012. Programs and services

Presently, it adopts some of the TomTom’s utility for its mapping scheme.

The site offers some degree of track-level information and/or driving directives for an array of nations. Clients can certify if their country is accessible via a pull down list on the site’s web page.

It provides a chargeless mobile application on Android and IOS, which includes POI (point of interest) search, real-time traffic, voice-guided navigation, among other features. The isolate drive app allows clients to put in day-to-day drive details and then relay information and signals about traffic circumstances and approximated commuting time. It also provides a portable receptive webpage.

MapQuest owns many travel brands. It has a site called MapQuest Discover which finds interesting travel targets, and Travel Blogs is a tool where clients can publicize images and blog entries about their holidays and trips.

Furthermore, the site features a design-able GasPrice page, where clients can type their whereabouts and analyze the gas prices of close public petrol stations. It equally shows the dates that the prices were first posted, and allows clients find the cheapest prices for gas. But this page is only accessible in the United States.


The corporation sold its publishing division which published old maps in card-board form. It did this to focus on its online and mobile utility.

MapQuest’s features

  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Integration with Uber and car2go
  • Voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation
  • Automatic reroutes based on traffic condition
  • Share ETA and location with friends and family
  • Up-to-date satellite imagery and live vector map
  • Ability to compare cost and ETA from a variety of transportation options
  • Alternative routes optimized with traffic and road closures taken into account
  • Save your home and work address to easily get directions from wherever you are

You can gain other benefits from Mapquest other than seeking directions. Below are other things you can do with the site

  •  Book nearby hotels directly from the site’s app
  • Save money by comparing prices of nearby gas stations
  • Stay ahead of storms. View local weather so you can plan ahead
  • Car broken down? Directly access on-demand roadside assistance for help
  • Browse menus, make reservations and order food through OpenTable and GrubHub
  • Search nearby points of interest in your favorite categories like restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc. with our industry-first layers bar

Please Note:

  • Where Uber and car2go services are available
  • Transit currently available in Denver and Washington D.C with new cities coming soon
  • Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

Mapquest sign in and Sign up is the official website. Users can register to use the service. Registration/Sign up is not compulsory. To get more out of it, you are advice to sign up and login to the website.

Requirement for sign up and login

You must have a Facebook account, AOL. or an Email address. Facebook users can login to the website with their Facebook account, which will be linked to your account.

Aol. Users can login or register with their Aol. email account. By clicking on the Aol icon the user will be prompt with a walk-through to complete their registration process.

Email Sign up and login, all you have to do is to provide an Email address and generate a password for your quest account.

Download Mapquest app

Mapquest app download-the-ios-android-or-windows-phone-app-mobile-mapquest-com

it can be downloaded from Google Play (Android users), App Device (iOS users), Windows phone and Amazon. The Mapquest app has been developed for flexibility.

It reaches all user’s needs, as it it comes with a customized layers bar, Multi-stop routing, Alternative routes, save favorites places, Navigation with Real-time ETA, Compare your options and many more.

Download for Android from Google Play store, by opening play store and search for “MapQuest”. 

iOS users: Open App store and search for App to begin the installation process.

Mapquest driving directions classic

  • Name: MapQuest
  • Type of site: Web mapping
  • Owner: AOL (Verizon Communications)
  • Launched: 1996
  • Registration: Optional
  • Available in: Multilingual
  • Current status: Active
  • Alexa rank: 1,098 (as at October 2016)
  • Web address:
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