latest 2go cheat-updated

I hope this works for you, I tried it on my sisters phone and it was cool. follow the quick steps below on how to configure your 2Go. The funny thing is that its very easy:

First step on 2Go freeBrowsing

  1.  Firstly Dial *406# to migrate to MTN FUNLINK Reload (It was tested on fun link)
  2.  Use your default MTN settings or use this IP & Port : ip: , Port: 8080
  3. For Symbian user create new settings Java create a Prov 
  4. Open Your 2GO and Flex till you get tired of 2go-ing LOL and  you’ll need to have up to #10 as we browse with opera even with thousand of credit it’ll not be deducted.


Hope the above latest 2go tips really worked for you. please feel free to share the above tips with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment

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