King of Scam in Nigeria Arrested

It was brought to our notice that a serious scammer has been caught by interpol.
Interpol arrested the scam king based in Nigeria, claiming that it shows online crimes are not beyond the reach of the law.

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The alleged scammer, known as mike is said to have amassed over 40million dollars from the scams, which ranges from distribution of malware, to large scale payment and CEO frauds. one of his deals netted about 15.4million dollars from a single deal.
The fraudulent activities took place in various locations such as US, Thailand, South Africa, Malaysia, Romania, Australia, Canada,and India.

The king scammer was arrested alongside with a 38year old, also based in Nigeria too and are facing charges ranging from ‘hacking, conspiracy and obtaining money under false pretenses, presenting they are on bail.

The scammer first came to the attention of of Interpol via security company Trend Micro, which worked with the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC),the agencies set about arresting him. The head of EFCC’s Cyber-crime Section, said that the arrest will serve as a deterrent to others who are into this activities in Nigeria that online crimes will never go unpunished.

The real success of the of the operation is the result of close co-operation between interpol and the EFCC, whose understanding of the Nigerian environment made it possible to disrupt the criminal organization’s network traversing many countries, targeting individuals and companies.

Trend Micro CTO Raimund Genes described the arrests as a notable success in the fight.

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