JAMB TIPS: Top 8 simple tips on how to excel in jamb 2016 Exam

If you have written jamb severally without scoring up to 200, or maybe this is your first jamb and you want to hit it once, then we have just the info for you. Follow the below tips and make sure to adhere to them:

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JAMB TIPS: Top 8 simple tips on how to excel in jamb 2016

Top 8 tips to help you pass Jamb

  1.  Start-out by putting God first: Some times people prepare hard only to get into the exam hall and fumble and they cant explain what happen. Learn to make God your first bustop rather than your last bustop. Prayerfully prepare. You certainly need the wisdom of God all through the journey. This is the first and most important point, don’t neglect it.
  2. Have a mental picture of the score you want to hit in your jamb this year: Write down your target score and put it were you can see it. Doing this has two benefits:
    • First is a simple law of nature, you attract what you set before you
    • It installs in you the drive to hit that goal you have set for yourself
  3. Cultivate the right mindset of acquire knowledge and not just to pass an exam:
    Your mindset has a huge role to play in preparing and coming out with flying colors. Your mindset towards this exams could be the difference between scoring 280 and 179. Study with the  an attitude to learn rather than to pass an exam. Here is the point, if you study to pass, you might pass after all but what it does is it develop in you the habit of studying to pass, so even when you get into the university the whole cycle would continue and then you come out a half-baked graduate after all your struggles. Therefore make the wise choice of studying to know.
  4. Get the right materials, beginning with the past questions:  Another factor that could affect you would be studying amiss. Studying the right materials is as good as. Jamb has been around for over 27years, so therefore they have a pattern of setting questions. Studying through the past questions would help position you rightly and excellently. I have written jamb twice without this knowledge and I paid for it by staying at home those two years,and by the third year i had learnt the hard way but i knew what and where to study, and guess what…….. I smashed it. Study and practice previous jamb past questions. Visit past questions as far back as 12years ago.
  5. Attend Jamb exam preparatory classes: As much as studying on your own is effective attending preparatory classes are not only effective but they are efficient. It might cost you some extra cash,but trust; me it is worth it.
  6. Take advantage of the free CBT practice platform: The place of this point in preparing for jamb 2016 cannot be overemphasized. This platform helps you by creating the same conditions similar to that of the main exam itself. This would help you train your mental processes to answer each question within the time frame allocated to them.
    *CBT practise link: http://www.jambcbtelearning.net/
  7. Get rid of the distractions by setting a timetable for your day:
    What this simply means is have a written down schedule for your day, there is a time for everything. Your schedule should contain blocks of time slots allocated to different activities; time to pray, time to read and practice, time to play and ping. Don’t use the time to study to ping.
  8. Finally, start early: don’t wait for when it is 4days to the exam to begin putting these things to work. Start Now.

With these eight precise steps you are sure to come out with exceptional flying colours.

N/B: An Extra Bonus Tips for you spend quality time Practicing “The use of English Subject” , because:

  • It is a general subject, i.e, no matter your choice course, The Use of English is a Compulsory subject for everyone.
  • It has always proven to be simple and tricky,
  • Mastering the subject would help you finish it on time during the exam and buy you tome for the more difficult ones.
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