iPhone NEWS: Apple plans to trade in busted iPhone for a new one

Apple came up with new ways to make their customers happy. If you have a Cracked iPhone screen, damaged camera or buttons not working? Apple may finally let you trade in your busted handset for a new one.

busted iphone-cracked-screen-mikiguru

The company(Apple) has had trade-in and recycling options for a while – separate from the iPhone upgrade program introduced last year – but it won’t accept handsets that have external damages beyond normal wear and tear, like the ever-common cracked screen.

Separately, Apple will also now permit Apple Store employees to install screen protectors on iPhones, a practice that was previously frowned upon. Apple doesn’t really sell any great iPhone screen protectors though and it sounds like they’ll only install products that you buy right there at the store. Still, if you’re absolutely hopeless when it comes to applying these things, you’ve now got somewhere to turn; it’ll just require spending some cash first.

Trade-in values, which you’ll be able to use in Apple store, range from about $50 for an iPhone 5S, $200 for an iPhone 6 and $250 for an iPhone 6 Plus (or about £34/£137/£171, AU$69/AU$277/AU$346).

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