iPhone 5 Is All About User Experience, Says Research and Markets

Analysts at Research and Markets are paying close attention to Apple’s every move, especially when it comes to the iPhone – the company’s strongest business pillar.

In two separate white-papers released this week, the group analyzes the strategies employed by Apple (including its choices in suppliers), as well as the handset’s impact on the entire tech industry.
iPhone 5
In its report titled Apple iPhone 5 Product Strategies and Key Component Suppliers,” Research and Markets looks at the handset’s features with an eye on the actual components that make these functions possible.

Touting features such as LTE, the 4-inch Retina display, in-cell touchscreen technology, the 8 megapixel camera on the back of the phone and the 1.2MP HD front-facing camera, the analysts observe that “Apple continues working on enhanced user experience on iPhone 5 […] despite being criticized for its lack of innovation.”

The report examines only the major features of iPhone 5 aiming to shed some light onto Apple’s product strategies from the component suppliers’ point of view.

It also includes development trends with the comparison of major components suppliers for both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

One key topic covered in the report also looks at Apple’s attempts to reduce its reliance on Samsung.

The second report looks at “The Significance of Apple iPhone 5 Launch and Its Impact on Global Smartphone Market.”

Research and Markets notes that ever since the first iPhone was introduced, “global 3G mobile developments have been speeding up, leading to a revolution in the human machine interface across a wide range of devices.”

“Five years later, Apple outperforms Nokia, Motorola, and RIM and gains its dominance,” say the analysts at Research and Markets.

The white-paper then looks at Apple’s influence in the entire computing industry, also with an eye on the iPhone 5.

“Other than rewriting the history of the mobile phone industry, Apple’s influence also has spilled over to the PC market. This report examines the impact of the iPhone 5 launch on the global Smartphone market and provides an insight into product, pricing and regional market development strategies of Apple for the iPhone,” says Research and Markets.

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