How To Reset A Windows Mobile Device To Factory Settings

Most times we might decide we want our device to look fresh like a new car! some people say windows mobiles are complicated to use but to me its a big lie. At times it may be necessary to perform a hard reset of your Windows Mobile device. A hard reset should be performed only if a normal reset does not solve a system Issue.

A hard reset will restore your Windows Mobile device back to factory default settings and erase all personal data on it.

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Reseting your Windows Device

Performing a hard reset may vary depending on your Windows Mobile device and service provider. There are a couple of ways to restore a Windows Mobile device to default factory settings. The most common way to reset a device is to hold down both software (soft) keys and press the reset button (normally a small hole on the outside of the device) at the same time. If this does not restore the device to factory settings, consult your user manual, manufacturer or service provider for instructions.

As a second option, most Windows Mobile devices come with a program called Clear Storage. This program is used to restore your Windows Mobile device to factory settings without the need to use complex button combination’s. This is a very easy way to restore factory settings. For this:

  • Open “Settings” from the menu and select the System tab. Here you can see an option called “Clear Storage”.
  • All you need to do is enter 1234 and press YES.

Performing the steps described here will result in all data being deleted from your Windows Mobile device. Backup any data that is needed before following the above steps. What happens on programs installed on an SD card with a hard reset, is that all the pointers and reg entries are erased and all the data and programs on the device will be deleted, including ringtones and applications you have purchased and installed. Although a hard reset deletes all data from your smartphone, you can sync with Outlook to restore Calendar, Contacts, and other items.

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