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The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examination board that conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination,WAEC/GCE(private) for University. That means failing this Exam means no entry into higher institution, this fact alone startle so many students that they think that success in this examination is almost impossible or its only the bright heads that can pass it but i am here to give you insights on things you could actually do to pass the WAEC/GCE Examination well without having to be the most brilliant boy/girl in your school.

I know that it is a desire of every candidate to pass the forthcoming 2016/2017 WAEC GCE examination but due to lack of proper prepation for the exam,some students still fail the exam on a yearly basis. Here i will give you directives on how to read effectively.No matter how difficult an exam may be, there is usually at least one person that gets a pass mark, that person should be you. Exam can easily be pass when you apply the right concept and strategy, so follow the steps i will be giving you below concisely;

Step 1: Right preparation

prior proper planning prevents poor performance. You should always create enough time and space for your preparation. No matter how easy an exam may be, you still need to be well prepared for it. Exams are meant to test your ability and one of the abilities it seeks to test is your ability to read and comprehend. Never go into an exam hall without absolute conviction that you have done your best to prepare for that exam. So the right preparation would give you your desired result.

Step 2: Get the Exams syllabus


The syllabus of any Exam you want to take will give the insights on which topic to study. Studying according to the syllabuses will really help you to perform better during the examination. So do endeavour to read according to the 2016/2017 WAEC GCE syllabus.

Step 3: Get the necessary textbooks and material for study

Getting relevant textbooks and materials is very important to your success. Note that people that fail exams are those that do not read the relevant books for a particular paper. All 2016/2017 WAEC GCE papers have specific books/Textbooks that is designed to cover all the syllabus of a particular paper.

Step 4: Understand the marking scheme

This is one thing I try to do before sitting for any exam. You should find out which questions carry the most points especially in cases where you have both essay and multiple choice questions. This will help you to set your priorities right and effectively manage your time. Luckily for you, WAEC/GCE do release marking scheme for all their papers.

Step 5: Believe in yourself that you can do it

Belief is one thing every individual should take seriously. It has been exploited both in the scientifical and Biblical realms.
Always believe in yourself and your ability. Your attitude to any exam should be; “if only one candidate will pass this exam, it will surely be me”. This kind of faith will put anything you want in your hands.

Step 6: Read for success

Not only getting the syllabuses and textbooks will guaranty your success, but you must read for understanding and success. Make sure you understand and assimilate everything you are reading. Early morning and at nights are the best time to read effectively. Reading and jotting has been proven to be a very effective way in assimilating what you read faster. So try it today!

Step 7: Study past questions

Past questions are often repeated in a lot of examinations. But even when they are not, questions are usually set with the same structure every year. Treating past questions will give you a good idea of the types of questions to expect and what to do when faced with similar questions. Another advantage of treating past questions is that they help to boost your confidence. And it has been proven scientifically that your confidence increases with every question you answer correctly.

Step 8: Have a concise Timetable

Every successful person or student works with a timetable. Timetable helps you to Have a special time for study. Take it serious and make sure that before the day of examination. Timetable will give you perspective on what you need to accomplish and the time you have to do it in. If you want to get organized and feel motivated to get your work done to the best of your potential,create a good Timetable now!

Now you are prepared to pass you 2016/2017 WAEC GCE examination with flying colors. But i will also tell you what and what to do whilst you’re in  the exam hall and a night to Exam. Follow these steps accordingly!

Step 1: Always sleep early the day before the start of any paper

Sleep is key to doing well on tests and exams as it improves memory recall and the ability to concentrate. It has been scientifically proven that students who generally got a good night’s sleep performed better on exams,”
studies now shows that more sleep not only boosts thinking ability but also can improve athletic performance. Medical experts say adults should get seven to eight hours of sleep each day.

Step 2: Always time your paper

Always allocate time to every section or every question as appropriate before you begin writing. One of the common reasons for exam failure is inability to complete the test before time. You can avoid this if you will simply time yourself efficiently. It will help you not to spend too much time on any question and it will also keep you on track throughout your exam.

Step 3: Obey all question paper instructions

The first step in passing an examination is by following instructions. Most times what really fails students is not the exam itself but lack of obedience!. So please always follow the Examiner’s instructions,when you are instructed to start, do so and when you are asked to stop, stop in other to avoid any punishment that may lead to failure.

Step 4: First understand a question before answering

This is one mistake a lot of people make during examinations. Whenever they see a question that looks like something they’ve seen before, they get excited and choose a familiar answer. The difference between two questions may be something very minute like not but that completely changes the answer, I’m sure you’ve been there before. In order to avoid this kind of silly mistake, treat every question like you’ve not seen it before no matter how familiar it may look and make sure you’re 100% sure of that answering you’re choosing.

Step 5: Always keep your work neat and tidy

This is an important rule. let your handwriting be legible,most times students fail exams not because they dont know it but because of the bad handwritting they have. And those that will mark your paper will not have time to be wasting on a particular student’s sheet when they have over 1,000 or so more sheets to mark.So Present your answers properly. Keep your work very neat and tidy.

Step 6: Don’t indulge in Examination Malpractice

2016/2017 WAEC GCE and so as every other exams takes this rule very seriously! so please don’t be in connection with any materials whatsoever that may have any link with the paper you’re writing. Don’t even bring any material to your exam venue asides from the one you’ll be needing whilst in the exam hall.

Step 7: Prayer and have a positive mindset

This rule actually worked for me,i used to hate maths and furthermaths during my secondary school days so i used to be afraid of any exam associated to them. To cut the long story short,one of my pal told me to commit everything to God and to be positive about it,and so i did. That was why i wasn’t surprised when i saw A1 in both maths and furthermaths! ….I’m sure you’ll be thinking that ”is this possible?” but trust me there is God and yes he does exists,so commit your papers today to him and you’ll be amazed with the results. Lastly,i wish you goodluck as you took your time to scroll through this long article but trust me when i say that its all worth it!

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