How to Entertain your Friends on Blackberry with Amazing Font

Easy steps on How to customize texts on your Blackberry device. Good news it is once again but this time for blackberry users. Here is a way to start thrilling your friends on blackberry messenger, facebook, watsapp messenger and many more chat zones on your blackberry device with amazing and stylish fonts. How do we get started? You must have seen beautiful fonts that are used by some of your friends while chatting, and u think you like them? Here is way to get what they have and even better ones.

Like this font


Whenever you see these superb fonts, you simply go to select and copy this font [remember one at a time]


Push on the blackberry menu key for options list where you will find and select “EDIT AUTO TEXT”


Push on the options button once again to select ‘NEW’ from the list.


Replacing your fancy text

In there you will find “REPLACE” and “WITH”. Under replace, you simply type in the word you want to use the font in replacing, then move down to the “with’ column where you will push your options key again to enable you paste the copied font.


Push your option button again but this time i promise you its gonna be for the last time. This time, You select save and you are good to go.

After all these process, its time for a test. Go back to your blackberry messenger and type that same word which you saved previously with the font and push on the space key, then you will see and tell your friend what you saw. Very simple task i guess? but keep your fingers crossed because i will be back with a way you can create those fonts and allow your friends copy. ENJOY………

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