How to activate Windows 8 (Easy activation for 64bit & 32bit)

Microsoft announced windows 8 in 2011. While in 2012 they released it into the market. By that time, most windows users were much familiar and comfortable with the previous, Windows 8. The process of change was little too much, because Windows 8 is suited for touch screens.

how to activate windows 8

Those who purchased a new laptop after October 2012, I believe the default OS should be Windows 8. While if you’ve upgraded your OS to Windows 8, you’ll need to activate it with either Licence Key or Using an activator. Below I’ll be showing you how to activate your Windows 8 using an Activator. Please follow steps below, Images will guide you through:


  1. You can easily update your windows 8 default software programs
  2. You can now change your “account image”
  3. And every other feature that wasn’t accessible becomes accessible.

Let get Started

I think you should Turn-off antivirus if it starts misbehaving

  • Download Windows 8 activator from here (Its a zip file 45mb)
  • Extract the contents of the zip folder, preferably on your desktop for easy access or Run directly.
  • Run/Install K.j_120829

windows 8 activator

  • Click on Windows 8 Install/Uninstall

windows 8 activator 2

  • A black screen will appear, type Y then wait for activation process to complete. Once process finishes your system will automatically reboot and hola you gat yourself an activated windows 8 OS.

Tips: If the process doesn’t work, reboot your system and retry process again, ensure your Anti-virus is disabled till the process is complete.

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