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The name says it all. Google translate is a Free translation service from Google. The main purpose of google translate is to translate any language in text, speech, image real-time videos, website pages from a specific language to another.

Google translate english to spanish

It converts this language to a choice language chosen by you. The Google Translate come in different platform. The Web, Mobile app, API for developers and many more.

The Google Translate is used by millions of people daily and supports over 103 languages as at October 2016.

Function of Google Translate

The function is more than imagination as it can be used for so many purposes. The Google translate has an inbuilt language pronunciation for some languages that have been translated by the service.

For easy understanding, it highlights the matching words or phrase in a way that it aims at the text. However, most users see Google translate as a language dictionary because of the flexibility in language translation.

The function is also functional on the web interface as it automatically suggest an substitute translations for correct mistakes by the user. The service enables users to input language for translation on either Text, handwriting, keyboard entry and speech detection.

Google translate english to spanish

Translating from English to Spanish is very simple. It is very simple, as all you have to do to translate from one language to another is very simple. All you have to do is to use the Online service or download the app for android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Tablet etc..).

Follow step bellow to Google translate english to spanish:

  • Visit:
  • On the left side, select English.
  • At the right-side, click on the little drop down icon and select Spanish.
  • Go back to the box on the left side and type anything in English and watch it translate automatically to Spanish language.
  • You can copy the translated copy for any

Google translate other language

It can translate virtually close to 200 languages.  You can also use the method above to translate any other languages of your choice either by text, handwriting, speech etc… This service is updated on a regular bases on by the Google Team.

You can start translating any language now by visiting the Google online translate page at or download the app for either iOS or Android devices.

Google translate app

The app comes in different platform. However, this is to make translation flexible and easy for it’s users.

The App is compatible on Android device and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad, etc..) devices. Which can be downloaded on Google Play Store for Android. On App store for  iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad, etc..)

Download Google translate app for Android and iOS

Android devices: Open google play store and search for “Google Translate” and install. After installation, you can start using it. The app is very easy to use.

iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) devices: Open App store, search for “Google Translate” click on install and start enjoying the wonderful app.

Who can Access Google Translate

The google translate does not have any restriction as anybody can make use of the service. To enjoy the service, you can download the App for your Android device or iOS device. However, you can still make use of the service online direct.

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