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Fruit Ninja is very addictive and it all centered to Cutting of Fruits.
Fruit Ninja is a game so simple that it can be summed up in two words: chop fruit. Against a wooden backdrop, various kinds of fruit. Game comes from a variety of well-conceived modes and expert use of Game Center and OpenFeint for achievements and leaderboards that keep you coming back for more.

How to Play Fruit Ninja

Fruits are tossed into the air. All you have to do is slide your finger across the screen to slice the fruit in half before it falls out of view, occasionally bomb are tossed as well which you have to avoid at all cost. Three strikes and you’re out. Hit a bomb and you’re out. Just so cool and straight.

Fruit Ninja is a Game for all Age

Parents need to know that Fruit Ninja has a lot more to do with fruit than it does ninjas. Your finger is ostensibly your sword, but you never see any depictions of an actual weapon in the game. Mangos, bananas, apples, and such get sliced, but nothing else. The only thing that sprays here is fruit juice. The bombs are the only violent image in the game, and their explosions are very abstract (more like a flash of white).

Fruit Ninja

Features of Fruit Ninja

Superb integration with OpenFeint and Game Center. The game’s appeal is also down to the expertly designed slate of modes: multiplayer via Game Center, a timed Zen mode, and an inventive Arcade mode with crazy banana power-up.

Fruit Ninja have been carefully constructed and balanced for fun. There are also goodies to unlock – backgrounds, slice animations – providing further reason to come back for more.

Download Links for Fruit Ninja

Android Users can download:

Download from External Link (Direct download with out visiting Google play store)

Apple User (iPhone, iPad & iPod):

Click to download from AppStore

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