Fix: The server’s security certificate is not yet valid (Solved)

The server’s security certificate is not yet valid. I believe you must have been seeing such notice, with a red background that pops up when you are trying to connect to the internet.

Servers’s security certificate is not yet valid. This could be very much annoying, especially when you have looked round your PC or laptop’s settings.

Fix The server's security certificate is not yet valid Solved

Lately I tried visiting some website and I couldn’t help but notice this pages keep giving me warning of insecure website.

I was wondering what could be the issue, mean while the solution was looking straight to my face singing here I am. :).

Sites like,,,, and many more website couldn’t open except I click on go ahead.

Meaning SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates are small data files that link a secret writing key to an organization’s details. It is a protocol/rules that activate a padlock which secure connections from a web-server to a browser that is currently in use.

The SSL is highly secured because it is used to secure your credit card transactions, logins and data transfer.

SSL Certificates helps protect all your sensitive document and information such as your credit card information, usernames, passwords and many more. It helps keep data secure between all active and inactive server. It also increase your Google and other Search engine Rankings. The SSL certificate also Builds and strongly enhances customer trust.

Fixing: The server’s security certificate is not yet valid

Cut the long story, and land on the fix to this annoying server’s security certificate is not yet valid problem.

Guide below is quick, brief and detailed information, you can easily fix this server’s security certificate issue.

Steps on Fixing: Server’s security certificate is not valid

You wont believe how simple this is, as all you have to do is to set  and synchronize your system clock. Quick step below will guide you through on how to set synchronize or set your time to the current date.

  1.  From your task bar, Open your Time and Date settings and set the current date and time of the year.
  2.  Locate and click on Internet Time Zone Tab and Click on Update now button.
  3.  Once done, this will initiate the synchronization of your internet server time.
  4.  Wait for some time till you get a notification massage that says you have Synchronized correctly with server.

For Windows 10 and 8

The process is similar. Just a little bit different and advanced.

  1. Right click on your time and click on “Adjust Time and Date
  2. Ensure Set time automatically is set to ON
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