FIX: How to open sbn and enex file extension on S Note (Samsung Note)

.sbn and .enex files extension can be accessed. The .sbn and .enex file are file extension from Samsung galaxy note (S Note). When you create a backup for all your available note on your Samsung device, it saves it with an extension .sbn.

sbn and enex open sbn and enex file extension Samsung S Note

Lot of people had a hard time opening this file(.sbn and .enex) extension on their desktop/PC because it’s difficult to identify a desktop application that can can open this .sbn and .enex extension files.

What is S Note

This is a pre-installed app that comes on The Samsung Galaxy S5. The S Note meaning Samsung note is a very flexible Note application for Samsung. This app is made specifically for the Samsung device.

Thus, the very good thing about this app is the flexibility. The fact that you can type and also have a choice to hand write on the go is a top 1 for the Samsung note.

However, you, can also save your note which will be saved to the Samsung database. Users of the Samsung Note (S NOTE) can access all of their notes on any of their devices.

When a note is backed up, it will be saved as either any of this two extensions .sbn and .enex extension.

.sbn and .enex Fix

I had hard time trying to figure out a good desktop application that can open the .sbn and .enex extension, I searched everywhere tried everything I could and then behold the solution :).

Hurray Samsung launched a desktop application that enables you open all .sbn and .enex file extension and even those backup that was synchronized to Evernote.

Download S Note from the official website, CLICK here to download.

  • After downloading, install the S-Note on your PC

sbn and enex open sbn and enex file extension Samsung Note S Note

  • Go to/Locate your Program fileSamsungS Note and right-click on “S Note” and then “Send to” – “Desktop (Create Shortcut)

S Note sbn and enex open sbn and enex file extension Samsung Note 3.JPG 1195×758

  • Goto your desktop and Run “S Note
  • Select what to synchronize by default I choose desktop but you can change that later from (the top click on “Sync” then Choose your option, it could be Samsung account, Evernote, the choice is yours)


You can click on “FileImport S Note Files” then locate your note from your PC. Enjoy.

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