How to FaceTime on iphone Quick Guide

FaceTime is Apple‘s video calling service. It allows anyone with a recent iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Mac to make free calls to any other Apple user over Wi-Fi or cellular connection. On the iPhone, FaceTime is bundled into the Phone app. On the iPod touch, iPad, and Mac.

Steps on how to use Facetime on iPhone

FaceTime is a separate app, On all devices, FaceTime can connect to any Apple-registered iPhone phone number or email address. That makes it perfect for keeping in touch with family who lives far away, with the kids while traveling, with business partners at distant offices, or even with that special someone while shopping for the perfect gift.

How to FaceTime on iphone new-facetime

Over Wi-Fi, you can use FaceTime on any of these devices:

  • iPhone 4 or later.
  • iPad 2 or later.
  • iPad mini (all models).
  • iPod touch 4th generation or later (only iPod touch 5th generation supports FaceTime audio calling).

With a cellular data plan, you can also use FaceTime without Wi-Fi on any of these devices:

  • iPhone 4s or later
  • iPad (3rd generation or later).

Open your FaceTime app and sign in with your Apple ID (you can also do this from Settings > FaceTime).

If you’re using an iPhone, FaceTime automatically registers your phone number. To also register your email address on your iPhone, tap Settings > FaceTime > Use your Apple ID for FaceTime, and sign in.

If you’re using an iPad or iPod touch, register your email address by tapping Settings > FaceTime > Use your Apple ID for FaceTime, and sign in┬áthen┬ámake a FaceTime call

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