Donald Trump to Tender Speech on Immigration on Wednesday

Donald trump, the presidential candidate has open up on Sunday night saying that he will tender a major speech on illegal immigration in Arizona on Wednesday.

 ImmigrationTrump’s Immigration speech

According to Donald trump, he said he will be making a big and major speech on illegal immigration on Wednesday in Arizona. he said he will be expecting a large turnout and a larger venue for his speech.

During a speech made in Iowa, trump said he would place a tracking system in other to curtail and ensure that illegal immigrants don’t have their way not to overstay in the country, saying that he would propose an e verify system to prevent undocumented residents from gaining access to welfare.

Why basing on deportation, his aim is to flush out gangs and cartels, making it a thing of the past. he also made sure that he will use immigration laws to prevent crimes, and will not wait until some of the citizens get hurt or be killed.

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