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Cyber security in this modern time has become a momentous issue. Now that we’re in a digital age, our country’s retail infrastructure is quickly transitioning from credit cards to one-click shopping. The positive opportunities and rewards for each of us are clear such that we can save time, money, and more choices for even better products. But whilst doing that,we tend to face the personal risk and other exposures of our confidential details to the web like bank details,personal email,home address,etc.

As the cyber threat environment evolves, threat protection must also evolve as well. With the emergence of targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats, it is clear that a new approach to cyber security is required. Traditional techniques are simply no longer adequate to secure data against cyber attacks. Here are the ways they operate :

  • Social – Targeting and attacking specific people with social engineering and advanced malware
  • Stealthy – Executed in a series of low profile moves that are undetectable to standard security or buried among thousands of other event logs collected every day
  • Sophisticated ways in – Exploiting vulnerabilities, using backdoor controls, stealing and using valid credentials

Cyber crimes are becoming the new normal what makes you think that you will be spared by cyber criminals?To help protect yourself and those around you, you ought to be aware of online risks and the simple steps you can take against cyber threats. Read below for tips on how to safe guard yourself from these common cyber attacks.

 Steps to take in order to be secured from cyber crime are as follows:

  • Connect securely wherever you are: only connect to the internet over secured browser.
  • Don’t just click anything you see on the web like clicking on  links or pop-ups, open attachments, or respond to emails from strangers. Don’t do it
  • Respond only to trusted messages: don’t reply to any random messages from strangers,think before you reply.
  • Always change your password regularly.

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  • Keep your private information safe: Take extra precaution in giving information to unsolicited callers, there is a constant threat to your personal data whether you are on the go (cell phone, wallet, laptop) or at home (PC, home phone).
  • Whilst on social media,Think before you post,Limit the amount of personal information you post publicly like informations that would make you vulnerable, such as your address or information about your schedule or routine. If your friend posts information about you, make sure the information is something that you are comfortable sharing with strangers.
  • Be conscious and use your privacy settings well: Take advantage of privacy and security settings,Use site settings to limit the information you share with the general public online.
  • Finally, signup real for real time alerts: Go to your bank account or credit card home page and set a purchase limit on your debit/credit card. Most banks and credit card companies have real time notification services that allow them to contact you in the event of a purchase attempt deemed “unusual.”

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